Secret Santa Surprise????


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Fire up the Quattro!
Mar 3, 2009
In the middle of nowhere!!
Just wondering if the secret santa surprise present for £5.00 just happens to be, some of the silver items that they were trying to flog off as a birthday special - you know the 4 silver items for £20.00! Has anyone indulged, and discovered what the secret is??? is it worth bothering with??? :thinking2: xx
Hiya PG........

Last year it was a pair of white pearl earrings with silver post and butterfly. Very ordinary indeed...
I don't think I've ever worn my pair! :mysmilie_738.gif:

But I think I heard someone y'day mention that the first phase had sold out and they were now on to
phase 2.....whatever that means??
Hi PG, That would be my guess. You first...!

oh the way i feel this minute, it could be 600 bags of PG camomile tea! Stressed is the key word for me at the moment!! Men!! why do they lay more wires down behind the tv/dvd/sky box than one can shake a stick at??? it makes moving the tv unit from one part of the living room, to another part, like a major military manouvre!!! if i could get my hands on him this moment in time!!! camomile tea, or horlicks or..... a nice deep glass of red wine!! lol xxx

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