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I've had it twice in my life, know the trigger and it cleared mine<<

>>How did you clear your BV?

How bad is the distinct 'fishy smell'

Vagina: When everyone started saying Vagina about 6 years ago it was always in the wrong context. They used the term instead of Volvo. Everyone knows that Vagina =birth canal. This was so annoying. I can't say Volvo. It make a funny face when you pronounce it...Gah!
Look at the women who got cancer by slapping Johnston's Baby Power on their under carriage. Johnston had a class action against them in the US and settle out of court I believe? I remember in a Molton Brown store just after Xmas a few years back they had a hand wash I liked on sale. I said the SA, could you use that in the bath and shower? She said yes, but be careful and do not use it on your intimate parts, the hand wash is stronger that our bath/shower and might cause irritation.
Well it did have integrity - until Abbi Cleeve got her hands on it.

Still, all good things must come to an end hence the reason why I will not buy it any more!
Me either.

Even the nice Adele has gone downhill - now she’s shouty and oddly Cleever-cloned - even looks like Lamellar with the flat bleached hair and heels; she used to demo on the models, but now she just stands at the counter pontificating. She’ll start steepling her fingers next 😳
Soap, water and a flannel have done for generations, though I use shower gel as soap irritates me.

My friend has had bacterial vaginosis (BV) for years. Every nurse and doctor she's seen has told her to just wash with plain water. It's a nightmare for her. She refuses lifts to friends as anyone in the car can smell the distinct fishy smell.

She's used both the Canesten tests for BV and thrush but she's had thrush when younger, so having a negative result for thrush, not having the typical symptoms that go with it and the positive for BV have confirmed what I told her.

She's never going to sort it with just warm water but won't do what I suggested (I've had it twice in my life, know the trigger and it cleared mine).

She's going to try this set but I've already told her the problem is in her vagina and this set won't be going up there!

It really annoys me that so many companies have jumped on the double bandwagon of menopause and vulval issues (for any age woman). It doubly annoys me when companies flogging their overpriced shower gels can't get a woman's anatomy right. It seems that everyone on telly finally accepts vagina as a word that no longer has to be whispered or kept to anatomy books, but vulva is still taboo!

Companies have jumped all over the fact that we're now willing to talk about the problems that come with menopause but their overpriced tat won't solve the problem of a dry vagina. A much cheaper trip to the chemist or GP will, assuming you're lucky enough not to get the same 'professionals' my friend got. And if you do, ask to see another.
I had BV for a long time, tried a few things from doctors that didn't work. Bought the over the counter gels or pessarys for BV and they were a miracle. No more having to wash umpteen times a day and smell gone. They're a bit messy and a bit expensive, but they don't half work. Some that I used don't appear to be available any more, but this one is. The individual twist off ampules are easier to use, but more expensive. Maybe recommend these to your friend, it could change her life. Much better than washing products.
SBC Lotus Flower 4 Piece Intimate Collection
QVC Price £69.96
Todays Special Value Price £32.94
P&P £3.95



Dry, itchy skin is a common problem for women during the menopause and one of the most irritating places for this to occur is your intimate area. Your helpers are here though! With a pH-balanced intimate wash and hydrating moisturiser, plus a new intimate spray and a lightweight moisturising gel for the rest of your body, SBC has carefully formulated this soothing Lotus Flower collection to help relieve feelings of dryness, irritation and discomfort. Add these to your regular routine to feel cleansed, refreshed and pampered every day.
*A great saving: If you were to buy the items in this collection individually, directly from SBC you'd pay £107. So, for our Today's Special Value price of just £32.94 plus P&P, you're saving £70.11.
Soothing saviours - SBC’s Lotus Flower range has been specially created to help soothe dry and irritated skin. Each product is infused with blue lotus flower, marshmallow and aloe vera, and many of the formulas are ideal for promoting greater comfort for your intimate area.
Comfort on-the-go - the new Lotus Flower Intimate Spray is perfect for using when you're at home or out and about. It helps relieve feelings of dryness and discomfort in your intimate area and you can spritz it on whenever you need to throughout the day.
Keep them coming - to stock up on this superb collection throughout the summer, choose our Subscribe & Save option and you'll receive this set twice more in June and August at today's same special price.
  • 1 x NEW Lotus Flower Intimate Spray (100ml) - designed to help with dryness and discomfort, leaving you feeling fresher. Offers the flexibility of using as and when you need throughout the day
  • 1 x NEW Lotus Flower Moisturising Gel (500ml) - a lightweight gel that delivers a delicate feeling of hydration to the face and body while working to comfort and soothe your skin. Formulated for sensitive, irritated or menopausal skin. Infused with blue lotus flower, marshmallow root and aloe vera, plus hyaluronic acid and bamboo
  • 1 x Lotus Flower Intimate Wash (750ml) - works to soothe, gently hydrate and help balance your microflora, leaving you feeling fresh, clean and comforted. Infused with blue lotus flower, marshmallow and aloe vera
  • 1 x Lotus Flower Intimate Moisturiser (100ml) - designed to instantly comfort, working to soothe, gently hydrate and care for your delicate skin, leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable. Infused with blue lotus flower, marshmallow and aloe vera
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If you were to buy the items in this collection individually, directly from SBC you'd pay £107. So, for our Today's Special Value price of just £32.94 plus P&P, you're saving £70.11.

500ml Moisturising Gel RRP £30 cost £10.34
750ml Intimate Wash RRP £34 cost £11.72
100ml Intimate Moisturiser RRP £24 cost £8.28
100ml Intimate Spray RRP £19 cost £6.55

Total RRP £107 cost £36.89 incl p&p used in calculations.

Thanks SCW for RRP prices.
Having read some of these posts, I consider myself very fortunate because I have never suffered from any issues “down there.” Needless to say, the TSV will pass me by.
I’ll give this TSV a miss. Was hoping it’d be Arnica or Collagen gels. Has QVC had a bereavement as both Adele and Victoria Fitz-big head are dressed in black?
I like certain products, the collagen and vitamin E gel and buy them.
So like with other brands I cherry pick what works for me.
Same here, I like the Propolis and the Sea Algae (something like that anyway!) I don't watch full programmes just snippets online so no-one annoys me really.
Dryness after a certain age is associated with menopause.
A trip to the GP helped mine not some overpriced lotus flower. 🤪
Exactly! Same here…. And I get a prescription product under medical supervision.
And my GP has never suggested I balance my micro-flaura with a SBC intimate wash…. It’s a money making gimmick that is totally unnecessary.

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