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Just mentioned in the 11pm SBC hour, “if you like the intimate range”. Not for me, everything seems to be about this range or collagen now days.
SBC 4 Piece Lotus Flower Collection TSV 30/04/24

500ml Moisturising Gel RRP £30 + post
750ml Intimate Wash RRP £34 + post
100ml Intimate Moisturiser RRP £24 + post
100ml Intimate Spray RRP £19 + post

Total RRP £107 + post


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Any medical person will tell you exactly the same.
Soap, water and a flannel have done for generations, though I use shower gel as soap irritates me.

My friend has had bacterial vaginosis (BV) for years. Every nurse and doctor she's seen has told her to just wash with plain water. It's a nightmare for her. She refuses lifts to friends as anyone in the car can smell the distinct fishy smell.

She's used both the Canesten tests for BV and thrush but she's had thrush when younger, so having a negative result for thrush, not having the typical symptoms that go with it and the positive for BV have confirmed what I told her.

She's never going to sort it with just warm water but won't do what I suggested (I've had it twice in my life, know the trigger and it cleared mine).

She's going to try this set but I've already told her the problem is in her vagina and this set won't be going up there!

It really annoys me that so many companies have jumped on the double bandwagon of menopause and vulval issues (for any age woman). It doubly annoys me when companies flogging their overpriced shower gels can't get a woman's anatomy right. It seems that everyone on telly finally accepts vagina as a word that no longer has to be whispered or kept to anatomy books, but vulva is still taboo!

Companies have jumped all over the fact that we're now willing to talk about the problems that come with menopause but their overpriced tat won't solve the problem of a dry vagina. A much cheaper trip to the chemist or GP will, assuming you're lucky enough not to get the same 'professionals' my friend got. And if you do, ask to see another.

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