Saw it on the trolley


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Jun 24, 2008
Is it just me or does this cheapen the jewellery when certain presenters say "oh I saw this earlier on the trolley."
Just get the impression it's all loaded on a large metal warehouse trolley.
Which may well be very near the truth but I don't want to be reminded of it when looking at a piece of expensive jewellery.


I didn't really think about it - I don't think I'd imagined it all being brought into the studio on a silver platter, but I suppose they could pretend that's what happens ...
Tova always has the silver platter :grin:

Forgot to add she also has a lace embellished napkin placed on the platter too.

Also don't get me started on ......... opps over it goes again. :tongue2:


Two soups? What a picture to imagine, I think Mrs Overall is brilliant.......probably because sometimes with my arthritis I walk like her. Actually, its more often than not.

Aww, poor you ((Maz))! I'm sure (walking like her or not), you bear absolutely no resemblance to Mrs. Overalls whatsoever! :happy:

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