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Jun 24, 2008
Well done IW for bringing us a Fashion brand that most of us have heard of .thmbs up I find they sell some very nice tops and trouser suits. In our RO shop atm they are selling jackets for £39.99 and you get the trousers free, not as fancy as IW, but not as expensive either.
Blimey Kathy I didn't know they were doing RO's. I tend to get a few work bits from them and find them nice, comfy and lasting. Well done IW - I'm everso slightly impressed!
I saw them on last night. Not my style at all, but good on IW if they appeal to folks on here. It's nice to see they've hit on a style people actually like! Now if only they could find something for me.....
Hope you're not thinking of buying a toga Mrs J - far too clingy for you imho, with the greatest respect of course.

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Argey xx
I'd never heard of RO either, I don't know if what they were showing on IW was a representative sample of everything they do, but it was all a bit "mother of the bride" for my liking, but having said that the stuff was smart, the colours were quite nice, and nothing was downright weird like most of the clobber they sell!
Have heard of them but not my taste, they sell in my local co-op, and freeport
There's a Roman Originals shop in Cheshire Oaks, and one called Winning Lines which also stocks some R O stuff, only cheaper :).
Well worth a nose if you like anything with a bit of sparkle and bling as well as the smart casual brands like Dash.
About UsRoman Originals was established in 1957. This family owned business was originally a manufacturing business based in Birmingham. The company has retained its heritage and passion for Ladieswear, and has grown and developed its retail interests. Today the company designs and manufactures its own range of Ladies clothing and accessories, which it now retails in over 150 outlets, across the United Kingdom.

The name Roman Originals derived from an inspiration of Italian fabrics and raw materials as well as the unique way in which over 1000 styles are merchandised annually.

The core ranges include Daywear, Eveningwear, Workwear, Outerwear, Special Occasion Clothing as well as a comprehensive range of bespoke accessories and hats.

In 1994 Roman Originals brand first hit the High Street in a concession format. During the late 1990's the company began opening its own stores, initially in Outlet centres nationwide.

Roman Originals merchandises and distributes its ranges using its own skilled team, allowing the company to respond quickly to changes in trends and react to peaks in business.

Roman Originals has a long history in Ladies Clothing, developed over many years of servicing the High Street. The company realised some time ago, that many high street retailers were courting the younger customer. In response, Roman Originals continues to design and develop product for a broad range of consumers, seeking to bring the correct look and fit customers of all ages.

The Roman Originals design team aim to design product that meets and exceeds our customer's needs, in all occasions of their life. The team seek to incorporate the most relevant design direction they see, utilising the highest quality fabrics and raw materials to ensure that the product fits beautifully, and performs well.

The extensive range now includes: - Eveningwear, Wedding Outfits, smart casual Day wear, Work wear, and Holiday wear. Roman Originals accessories including Jewellery and Hats compliment all of these ranges. By introducing an average of 20 new lines each week to its stores Roman Originals stays ahead of its competitors, and firmly in the heart and minds of its customers.

In 1998 Roman Originals opened the first retail operation. The Brand is now retailed through a broad network of stores, located across the country, with a presence in the majority of the latest Outlet centres.

Customer services are a priority for Roman originals, with a specific 'no hard sell directive' and the tradition of good old fashioned customer service being part of the family's philosophy.

By listening to their customers and Staff, Roman Originals Design team are able to closely match their customers' size requirements (from 10-22) and quickly respond to changing fashions, without forgetting the need for value and quality. Many of their garments are specifically sourced and manufactured from fabrics, which are exclusive to Roman Originals. Their growing team of expert designers travel the globe to source clothing to meet their customers changing needs.

Like Shelah and Ellis would say, A........gain well done IW.LOL
I discovered RO last year - they now have a buy on line website. Fabulous styles and their sale prices are beyond belief. I try to wear nothing else now ! Did'nt know IW had started doing it.

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