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Hi Stacey, i bought this last yr to try and unfortunately i didnt get on well with it but i cant say if good as i think im not very good with nails full stop. If you enjoy spending alot of time on your nails it could be well worth giving it ago you can always send it back .
I've used them and did find the application fairly easy but, although they said that the natural nail grows underneath them with no problem, I found when I eventually removed them that the surface of my natural nail was anything but perfect and my nails seemed weak and fact they were worse than they were before I used the acrylics.

So I started using OPI matte varnish, on a friend's recommendation, and now my nails are really long, they're no longer brittle or marked etc and they're very strong. In fact, people now ask me if they're false.

So personally, I'm steering away from any form of acrylic nails.
I use them and think they're fantastic! For a couple of pounds per set, they save me a huge amount of money and look brilliant - especially the white tips.

I've got a large stockpile to get through and it's taking me months!
Hi Stacey... this is my first posting, but I saw your question & thought id answer :1: ..... I bought the Rio Nails Kit from Ideal World last Christmas as they looked great..... They were fiddly to do, but I managed to get a very good result.... However, the problem I had was when I wanted to changed them.... they didn`t come off by soaking them (as instructed), so im afraid I resorted to peeling them off...... I haven`t used them since, as the condition that my nails were left in were terrible.... My nails are ok now & I just wear a pretty pink nail colour..... They looked nice with the white tips, but they were not worth all the hassle...... Hope this helps.... Merry Christmas :)
Thanks hun. Welcome to the forum.

I wanna try these as l had gels on and it was costing me nearly £40 pounds every two weeks so l grew them off.

I'm not sure now. Might just go without.

Merry Christmas to you too hun. xx

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