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Sadly I had to send back the pink diamond ring to GemsTV, my finger reacted, and was really painfull, I can only assume that my skin does not like white gold, I have never had a problem with either silver or yellow gold.

I returned the ring straight away by special delivery, I emailed yesterday to ask when the refund would go back on the card and was told.

"If you provide the Royal Mail reference number for the return, we will be pleased to track this parcel to confirm receipt.

We do state that it can take up to thirty days for a refund to be processed.

We hope that this information assists your enquiry."

I know the item arrived back as I tracked the item.

I have now just received a phone call to say that the ring is now on the way back to me as they say as I only had the ring a few days there were some scratches on the shank. They must have better eyes than me as I didn't see any damage.

I now have to send it back to them tomorrow and they are going to get it tested to see if there is somthing wrong, not sure how as I am unable to send my finger back with the ring.

So as it was on 3 easy pays I assume the second payment will come out of my account before this is sorted out.
That's odd that you've reacted to it Graham, makes you wonder what on earth they're mixing the gold with?

I've never heard of them sending articles back to customers, what do they think you've been doing in it, bearing in mind you've hardly worn it? So much for the 'no quibble guarantee'!!!!

That's odd that you've reacted to it Graham, makes you wonder what on earth they're mixing the gold with?

I've never heard of them sending articles back to customers, what do they think you've been doing in it, bearing in mind you've hardly worn it? So much for the 'no quibble guarantee'!!!!


I just wore it on the Saturday and then put it back in the box. :(
Havent bought from Gems for a long time and incidents like this do nothing to encourage me to change my mind. Didnt realise they did easypay but as the prices seem to have shot through the roof last time I looked in, they need something to encourage people to buy.

Hope you get it sorted Graham. They dont deserve custom if they dont listen to the customers!!

Graham if you never noticed the scratches perhaps they were there from the start? Don't let Gems fob you off...you have your rights via the Distance Selling Act.
Take some photos of your sore finger Graham, and send them to Gems. I have a gold cats eye ring which was bought in Sri Lanka. I wore it for a couple of days and my finger reacted. I took the ring off and let the problem heal, but every time I put the ring back on, even for a couple of hours, my finger starts to itch and burn. If I don't take the ring off again straight away it turns into a right mess very quickly. I don't have a problem with any other gold, so I assume this particular ring has been alloyed with something my sensitive soul doesn't like.
Graham - I sympathise because I'm allergic to Clogau gold. No other gold, silver or platinum, just Clogau gold so it's obviously something in the mix. I would think that you're allergic to one of the alloys mixed with the gold - is it 9 or 18ct hun?

Practical suggestions

(1) GemsTV cannot prove that the scratches weren't there when you bought it. I'm sure they'll say "quality control" etc but that ring has been for sale for some time and there's no way they can be 100% sure that the ring hasn't been sent out to somebody else before you.

(2) IF there are scratches to the shank, then it would take all of about £5 to buff out and I would think they could do this in-house. IF the scratches were deep that would be a different story but in all honesty you'd have noticed them if that were the case.

(3) Tell your credit card company to void the 2nd and 3rd easy payments. Tell them that you are in dispute with GemsTV.

(4) Get in touch with Trading Standards to find out what your rights are. I would assume that as you are allergic to the product it is not fit for purpose. You wouldn't have known you were allergic to it unless you had worn it so it's a moot point whether there are scratches, no scratches, tags, no tags etc.

(5) GemsTV actually have a 180 warranty for items that are defective. As you are allergic to this product, didn't know beforehand, then I would assume you could argue it falls into this category. Allergies are not one of the exclusions. See here http://www.gemstv.co.uk/About/terms-conditions.jsp#Terms_And_Conditions_Of_Sale

Good luck and I hope you get a happy resolution.

Meesh x
Yes stand your ground and argue it out G. They are being totally unreasonable and pedantic over this and it doesn't show them in a very good light. Maybe your return was dealt with by some jobsworth in the warehouse, some twat there returned a ring to me once ages ago stating that I had resized it, I'd only had the damn thing 2 days!! It soon went back. :rolleyes: :pPC:
How annoying, Graham! As if it wasn't bad enough that you are allergic to the flippin' ring.... seems that quality control is sadly lacking in many of the shopping channels.
Not sure if I should just refuse to accept it back and tell the courier to take it back to GemsTV.
I wonder how many other people are having expensive jewellery returned to them lately due to 'scratches'?....
:) Am pleased to say that GemsTV have called and the ring should never have been returned to me. They have stopped the further easy pays and are going to give me a full refund.

Huge thank you to Andrew, as I have always said it's not so much the problems we have with channels it is how they are resolved and it's 10/10 for GemsTV, really pleased that my faith has been restored.
If the site owner of shoppingtelly has a problem with a return what hope for the rest of us?
The right outcome G. A pity you had to make a fuss on here to make it happen though. :pPC:
Such a shame that you don't have the ring, though, Graham.:31:

I suppose you'll just have to do some more shopping?!! :54:
Graham, I'm glad this got resolved for you,it's too bad you had to go through so much stress with the whole matter though. I use to be a happy customer,but after all the shenanigans going on that has come out this last year concerning the gemstone and jewelry industry, I've been scared off from trusting any of the sites.Once trust has been broken, it's hard to get back and I know I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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