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Nov 5, 2008
Has anyone tried to return anything to QVC after the 30 day money back is up? We have the Aiptek camcorder and have just found out that we can't save the videos as it is not compatable with windows vista.
I have returned in the past after the 30 day limit due to things being broken or not working properly. The best way to do it is to talk to customer services and hope you get someone who is generous and will send you a returns label.
Good luck :)
I would try & be sneaky & say it was a christmas present then the returns were extended til 25th Jan
Is it really not compatible with vista? That's the only OS I have now. Think I'll be sending mine back too.
I would try & be sneaky & say it was a christmas present then the returns were extended til 25th Jan

I agree, if it has been bought in the last 2 months, send it back before the 25th January, it could have been you buying the gift for you partner
In what way is it not compatable with Vista ?

The videos are recorded in MPEG4 i have no problem saving those type to my PC and im on Vista
I hope that it is compatible with Vista as I gave it DS who has just taken it to the USA on a holiday of lifetime. I won't be popular if he can't down load what he videos while away.
hi....last year we bought 4 apiteck camcorder / each for the kids & one for was duff on xmas day & she persevered with it..went to africa & took photos etc & found out when she got back ALL her photos & vidoes was son didnt like his as when people waved their hands were all blurry...we didnt like the feel & handling of ours so our & sons went back within the daughters was sent back mid year...i rung up & cos i could say approx when we bought them she could trace it......gave me a No to pop in the box & off it went.....the only one kept was youngest ones who thinks hers is great & took honeymoon vidoes etc on it.....loves it.....BUT sorry yes you can so long as it has a plug on it OR has the usual statutory guarantee with certain items..........nope you cant send elemis etc back after that time..hope it helps as i didnt jhave time to read the other replies..
i have the aiptek 2gb, it was a tsv last april. it works fine with vista.

i do however have problems with the battery storing charge, and CS have agreed to take it back for that reason.

some products have 6mth guarantee with QVC and the other 6 with the manufacturer. in this case, the full 12mths is with QBC so they will send out a returns label if its faulty. they will want to replace it with another one though i think.
I have just returned some NN bedding which was a TSV ages ago. This was the replacement set as the original set shrank beyond use! The replacement set has just done the same so it has gone back too!

I think if you have a faulty item and you speak to CS about they are usually fine.
i have the aiptek and it works fine with Vista.

re: the files beng deleted, try connecting it to the PC with the camera open
I also bought this and agree it works fine with vista. I hate the thing though and as the return date is 25th Jan I am sending it back special delivery tomorrow (it would have gone back sooner but I haven't been well enough to get to the post office.)-I find the picture quality poor and mine refuses to clear the memory card so I'm afraid mine is going back with my film still on the memory card.........!(should be interesting for anyone buying it from the return shop!)
There should be a option to format the card, failing that put in into a PC with a card reader, or a digital camera and format the card
There should be a option to format the card, failing that put in into a PC with a card reader, or a digital camera and format the card

I tried that with several different cameras/readers but perhaps it's something wrong with the card as all attempts have failed.
Have you checked the sliding tab at the side of the card, it may be in the locked position to stop accidentally deleting items.
We have the Aiptek (we bought the last tsv) and I find it works fine with Vista. Ours is being returned as we had problems charging the battery and it wouldn't always work on start up we would have to open and close it a few times which was frustrating when we were on holiday last month. We had one file on the camera which I couldn't delete even when I connected it to the computer and I did try formatting it and that wouldn't work but hubby managed to do it by selecting it and then I think he pressed menu and the delete option appeared.

I thought the picture quality was good and it did a lot better than my camcorder with night time parades and fireworks there was no blurring but the sound was a bit dodgy at times so I won't be having a replacement.
Thank you all for your help, I have now spoken to QV and they are emailing the makers. Since doing that I have managed to get the disc to work after a couple of attempts, but I am not at all happy with the results, the background noise is terrible and the picture is grainy. It is a new pc so I don't think it is that. Haven't tried clearing the card yet, still hoping I can return it but doubtfull.
Just a quick update, the woman in product control who said she would email the makers and they usually reply in an hour still hasn't come back to me and this was last week.!!

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