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Lady Darls

Jun 24, 2008
I received this today and its absolutely lovely.

It was a 'well done' gift (for something I don't think i've done very well at so feel carp about) but its beautiful.

Purple and cobalt blue Chinese pearl necklace, have no idea how much it cost though.


Very nice darls,do they do matching earrings????
Thanks for the nice comments on my little collection I got today.xxxxAngie
Gorgeous - Looks lovely on you. Don't think they do matching earrings but I am sure they do matching bracelet.
Gorgeous Darls, it suits you. I had the matching bracelet and I know how lovely the pearls are - sadly too long for me, so it had to go home.
If you get that for something you did badly, I can't wait to see your present for something you do well!!!
Enjoy hun,
They are gorgeous Darls, look lovely on you.

(I see you haven't mastered the art of careful strap arrangement like moi!!!:D)

no cheeky mare (and Dawn you too lol)

I had to go for a test today, stage 2 of a job I have applied for, a job I could do with my eyes shut, it all went horribly wrong.

Went into this room, lines and lines of computers, sat down at one of them and the test was all on computer. There was a warm up test for 3 minutes which I did, then you had to click enter to get onto the actual test, I clicked enter, entered one bit of writing and the computer froze :eek: so, i'm sitting there in a room with another 14 people who are all clicking away and i'm thinking what can I do, there was no personnel in the room with us, but a sign on the door said 'when all finished, someone ring 222 and someone will come and open the door' so I quietly dialled 222 and explained it had froze and a lady came down and said it had indeed and needed rebooting, but everyone else was nearly finished so she said did I mind if I let everyone finish so as not to disturb them, I didn't mind so waited.
When they'd gone she rebooted and I did the test again but by then it had thrown me and I was shaking, literally shaking, how ridiculous is that? I KNOW I can type quicker than they required to pass but don't think I have as I felt I was in slow motion.
Then, when I came out my dad was waiting to give me a lift to work and asked how it had gone and I explained all that and he shouted at me :eek: 'well you didn't prepare for that well did you if you let nerves get the better of you' couldn't believe it, he's bluddy barmy.

Then I went straight to work and when I came home this was all wrapped up with a 'well done' card :(

My dad must have felt guilty as well as he's just bought me a bottle of wine lol

The company wont take into account what happened because they reset the test, so it was my fault I got nervous and can only wait now gggrrrrr for a rejection letter gggrrrr
Awwwwwww, bummer Darls! Have been wondering how it all went, so sorry Pet :( ((HUG)).

Maybe you didn't do as badly as you thought, here's hoping!
Aww Darls I'm sorry hun, I didn't mean to offend you:eek:. That's awful what happened, I hope it all works out fine in the end:)

oh dont be daft lol you made me laugh, a novelty today I tell ya :12345:

Awwwwwww, bummer Darls! Have been wondering how it all went, so sorry Pet :( ((HUG)).

Maybe you didn't do as badly as you thought, here's hoping!

Thanks Maz, am not hopeful :)
Love the necklace, hope the test result turns out to be better than you expect!:)

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