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Jun 29, 2008
After all the positive feedback from Rocks TV purchasers I decided to give it a go. Tonight a really pretty zircon ring was in the auction and I was bidding. It went to £44 and I was winning, Barry said..."Do I see £46..." it went to £46 and as I was quickly putting in my bid of £48 'gone' appeared on the computer. Barry said 'Oh, it's gone.' THEN dropped the gabble. NO GOING, GOING...just 'Oh, it's gone.' I posted in the chat straight away 'Can anybody tell me why the zircon went before the gabble fell?' and somebody said there is a delay with live streaming but that doesn't explain why Barry dropped the gabble AFTER he said 'Oh, it's gone.' Does it? It wasn't like he had even said 'Going once, going twice.' Just 'Oh, it's gone' Then dropping the gabble. Odd sort of auction, this :mad: Well this sucks, so my shopping with Rocks TV is over unless somebody can give me a sensible explaination.
The video feed is actually a few seconds behind.So when he puts the gavel down on video he has already done it 3 or 4 secs earlier.
You can avoid disappointment Huggles if you put in your maximum bid in the autobid box, it will then only bid up to that sum so you won't pay more that you're prepared to.

Oh that's tough luck Huggles.

They do encourage you to place your maximum bid in the BID box - it automatically goes up one increment at a time & doesn't go to your maximum unless someone's bid higher - but that's no help when you've just missed out. It is worth trying again, honest
Hi Huggles
The stream is a few minutes behind and think it can vary depending on your internet connection speed, is upsetting when you miss out on something in the last seconds, I try and put autobid's in just incase this happens but don't let
it put you off I've been happy with what I have purchased (I too have missed out a couple of times but worth trying again)
I appreciate what you are saying but the delay in streaming does not explain why Barry said...'Oh, it's gone'. FOLLOWED by him putting the gabble down. Have you ever seen an auction even on a recording when the auctioneer says...'Oh, it's gone.' followed by the gabble going down. It wasn't like he said it at the same time. There was a pause like he was looking at the screen and seeing the GONE and almost looked a bit confused BEFORE he put the gabble down. Do you see why Im upset, it was like someone else had decided the auction and he had no choice but to drop the gabble AFTER he said 'Oh, it's gone'.
Huggles, they seem to press something on their monitor to change the status to going and then press it again for going..going.

For the item to be gone, they have to physically bang the hammer as it's got a sensor linked to the computer in it.

I've seen it happen a couple of times when they have dropped the hammer by mistake and the item is then gone without even being set as going :eek:

At that point, you have either bagged a bargain, or have missed out on the chance of bidding.
Well I echo what everyone else has said re time delay ...

but there also have been a very few occasions where the auctioneer has pressed the wrong button on their computer and it shows as "Gone" and they have to abide by that - even though it was an error on their part.
(didn't see the auction in question so don't know if this was what actually happened here?)
Sara, that's a sensible explaination because Barry was in mid flow...he was in the middle of saying something like...'Anybody want to bid £48...Oh, it's gone.' Followed by a pause and THEN the gabble going down It didn't matter about the live streaming like everybody keeps telling me, that was the chronological order of events. If I were in a court of law swearing on the bible I would not alter my memory of the events. That is why it's upsetting. The auto bid might have avoided this issue but I won't be using it, I'm still having a sulk and it may take me some time to recover. :(
Hi Huggles, it has happened in the past, even Steve has done it, they've made mistakes and pressed the wrong button and skipped going and going, going. They've looked surprised themselves when it has happened and someone has ended up with a real bargain - and Rock's have ended up with a big loss!

Please give them another chance. You will love the jewellery.
Thanks dollydimple, I'll stop sulking eventually. It was made worse because Barry said he was certain it was the last ring like it and I was prepared to go as high as it took. As you say, somebody got the bargain...maybe next time it will be me :confused:.
Hi all,

out of the country at the mo and on a very dodgy internet connection. Just picked up on this thread. Because the gavel does not all ways work, there is an end auction feature on the touch screen. The same button is hit to set to going, then going going, then end. I can only assume Barry hit it one too many times as i have also done in the past.

The problem is also compounded by the short video lag on the internet. Always best to bid £1o higher than where the auction is to have a better chance of securing your items

best wishes

Steve Benett:)
Well.....I had autobid on that item as I knew I would be working......gutted that Barry didn't press the button one too many times at £ would have then been mine!!!!;)

In all seriousness though,these things sometimes happen,and whilst it is a bit gutting I wold not let it put you off from buying from them.There are so many nice things to be had,the service is great and the jewellery is fantastic.

Maybe knowing that this stone and style are popular,Steve and Sarah will bring more of it in the future.:)
:)I know its hard when you set your mind on a particular item but there usually is quite a few of the same designe and you will see it again .
but if it was the last one you can be certain of one thing if you keep watching you will see something else that will be a must have but be sure to auto bid on it to make sure no one can get it at the end with a quick bid as the stream isnt that accurate good luck
Even if that was the last one, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't see it again - people return items all the time. Good luck!

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