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Just to add I do think social media has a lot to answer for.
I was 18 when I was first invited to someone’s home for Sunday dinner I was stunned when the meal I was given was one I had never before had except at Xmas. AND there was a second course of apple pie and custard again something way outside my previous experience.
On balance, I'm SOooo pleased I grew up in an era without social media. Actually, it didn't really start to become a thing until I was in my 30s, which I'm equally pleased about. It might have been nice to have the ability to take pics and videos back then as easy as it is now, however even that could have brought its own challenges I suppose.
Yes, I was born in the 70s and went to school in the 80s and 90s and the push was always on to have branded things. The only thing I remember particularly wanting were Reebok trainers but other than that I was happy to have whatever was affordable. Clothes were often from Dunnes Stores or Primark and later in life went to the Shirt Centre to get designer gear for cheaper. We had quality items where it counted and never went hungry and my dad used to work for a tabacco company and ended up unemployed for a long time after they closed the factory down so we had our fair share of hard times. Things did improve and we were the first family on our street to have 2 cars
Yeah I also grew up in the 70's/80s. Looking back, I never had any peer pressure put on me re the stuff I wore, and although I enjoyed having some branded stuff e.g. Reebok trainers and Naf Naf clothes when a bit older, neither did I put any pressure on myself re having to buy branded stuff.

The friends you have can have a big bearing on much of this stuff. My friends came from a variety of backgrounds in terms of how well off their parents were, however as I say I don't recall much if any chat around the latest brands, and for that I'm thankful.

I'll give you a funny story. A few years back I was at a theme park here in the UK. I became aware when walking along that some teen boys sitting on a bench were chuckling. I glanced over and I'm sure I saw one of them pointing in my direction, towards the ground.

'What could it be?' I pondered. Then I realised, they were probably laughing at my unbranded trainers! I'd bought a cheap pair specifically for going to the theme park as I knew they'd be getting wet etc.

I found it quite funny and chuckled to myself. Want to know something ... I'm still wearing them to this day on a daily basis!

I love that I don't care on that level :)
There was more structure growing up in the 1970s and the 1980s as I did. Things were generally simpler then. There was none of this relentless social media type pressure that young people often face today, which also can extend the unpleasantness and the fear of bullying from beyond the school playground to the tablet or phone screen in the bedroom at home.

Back then, boundaries were clearer, you knew where you stood more clearly in terms of how you were expected to live your life. You weren’t being bombarded with aspirations of what you should be doing, how you should look and behave from a phone screen. The shops shut at a certain time, as did the pubs. You couldn’t buy booze easily or at all 24/7 like today. There wasn’t a 24 hour relentless society like there is now. If you wanted to see or talk to a friend you saw them in person, or you rang them. Then, if a friend was in emotional difficulty, for example, you went to see them to give them some support. Nowadays, you send them an emoticon.
Anybody heard of the Design Label Sencillez of Barcelona, according to Peter all the ladies buying this bag, know of the Designer, you will find this brand when you go to Barcelona, half the customers probably struggle to get to there garden gate
I can't find anything on the internet, apart from TJC and Ideal World. Amazon did have a bag, and there is one for sale on eBay. I think they are hideous.
He is a truly awful presenter. This is excruciating. Check out Chloe’s presentation on TJC, a world of difference. If he says Chanel-ez one more time I’ll scream. And he’s been selling these for 20 years, lying toad.
He wants to run this bag over the hour because he doesn't want us to miss out. The stitched in label inside looks cheap. My guess is Sencillez is one of many leather shops in Spain. Nothing remarkable about them, even though Pedro keeps bigging them up. Any company of repute would have a website. More claptrap from the gobshite king.

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