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Can't see it myself with motormouth jacks, pedro or Mike. Jess Woods hasn't been around for a couple of weeks now. Gen has been off over the past week. Think she is back tomorrow for fashion on Friday.

nah Mike is good for them at what he does and of course IW probably has more cash backing them. But shop on tv of course will get names and faces we will know. Joe had better stay with IW !
Joe already doubles up with IW3, and Create and Craft

Someone mentioned Dean, got a feeling he wouldn’t want to do a full time role now, as I said on the thread before, he had a massive accident. In November only just returned, currently doing 2 days a week

He Is on Create and Craft tomorrow
Didn’t watch IW back then, was the Toilet Roll a real thing, If it was how low
When it comes to selly telly, actually any general retailer, my default is to believe nowt of what they say. Even more so when it comes to medical-esque products.

On one of the other channels a few days back they were flogging some sort of multivitamin powder. 'Expert' on screen along with the presenter. Cue the presenter saying 'some people watching will say I can get all these nutrients from eating my 5 a day.' Cue smirk from the 'expert' who then went on to say unless you eat organic the veg you're buying is far from safe, so buy his wonder powder.

Although there's some evidence that organic is better than conventionally farmed, equally there is far from a consensus that non organic must be avoided at all costs.
There is nobody competent or proactive or with any serious powers policing them. They have long realised they can say what they like and when they like.
I sold herbal products for years and you were not even allowed to SUGGEST any health benefits unless it was scientifically proven and registered with the MHRA. They have the power to take down websites and do so.

I find it amazing that there is apparently no regulation of TV shopping at all. We have Natalia of Transylvania talking tosh, Peter Pieman dribbling with ecstacy demonstrating massagers and all presenters making unsubstantiated claims across the board about pricing, heritage and performance. Not to mention ficticious back stories to suit whatever is being sold.

A lot of viewers are of an age and status when they are vulnerable to these leeches.

I just they could be a bit more genuine and adhere to some sort of standard of honesty. I enjoy taking the mick out of this Ship of Fools as we all do on here but there is a serious side to thier duplicity.

<Rant Over>

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