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It doesn’t matter, where you are or who you are, somebody loves you

If it’s you who loves me Peter, I’d rather stay single
Mind....Somebo....from r'bet to....shoe.....to shovel....to Charlie......from Bungalow to two up to two down....from mop to brush.....from loves you...to sombo......Julian is in Clare....y is in....Boris....to Yelt.....we were just saying....
Grabbed a recording of Pedro's "hot mic" comments. Revelatory as always. 'av a gab.

Off-air he says "I knew that bag wouldn't sell", yet on-air whilst selling it was telling us X, Y, and Z were in, we need to be quick, go the phones, etc.
Not that we needed it....but side ways glances at the "text machine" are just that..side ways glances at what isnt selling!! Pedro is actually a danger, he is damaged goods....I wouldnt have him her it they them near the public!! IW mk3 have learned nothing!!!
Transcript (bold is Peter Simon):

"Don't miss it: it's the pick of the day. We've even got a 4 XL in this… Well done if you got that vacuum"

Break starts.

"Urgh. Well that, Charlie… That was a disaster wasn't it? What? Maybe we should've just stuck on that massager do you think? [talkback]. Right. Oh, that was a pain wasn't it? It was a weak hour though… I knew that bag wouldn't sell. [female in studio says something]. Oh, did we? No, they've had enough of it haven't they. Ahh well, name of the game."

Someone walks in to the studio talking, but not to Peter…

"Hi Jordan. "You alright?" Yeah, not so bad. "You seen the results?" No. "Do you wanna know?" Yeh. "2-1 United". Fuuu… That's made my night Jordan. No—" mic is cut.

"name of the game" sounded a LOT like "never again" until I put my earphones in.

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