Rachel Allen Mini Chopper


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Aug 5, 2009
Just watching this now. The chopper isn't working that great as everything seems to be either sticking and they're dishing it up in lumps. The chickpeas were whole! Not sure if it's the product or lack of time. Not very encouraging. I do love her books though:rock:
depends on who manufactures it.like braun stuff as it tends to be good quality. some of this celebrity stuff can be a bit hit and miss.
It just looked to me that the ingredients on the side of the container needed scrapping down then the mixture processing a bit more, so I don't know why they didn't do that.
I bet she doesn't use this in her kitchen at home:tongue2:.

Most of these "celebrity" ranges are the usual run of the mill items anyway - I would think all these "clebrity chefs" kitchens are packed to the hilt with commercial grade implements. Probably needs to make a buck or two.
I have a mini chopper at home, it's called a KNIFE! In my humble experience none of these choppers ever really work or save any time. By the time you've put it together, scraped all the bits to make it actually chop then cleaned it up afterwards you'd have chopped your stuff the old fashioned way twice over.

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