QVC's new Christmas set - "for you"


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Jun 24, 2008
London, UK
I'm talking about the studio that QVC have done up Christmassy especially for us, Julia tells us. I'm not usually one to criticise :)57: the nearest I can find to crossed fingers at this time o' the night) but... ew, it looks cheap to me.

i have to agree i thought that qvc had record profits this year......they spent none of it on the set
I've only just seen it. It's very ummmm beige isn't it. And what's with the pillars? It's just so bland to look at. I wonder how long that took to make. Looks like they got someone in on work experience and they just knocked it up in about five minutes!
I know what it reminds me of - a barrett home circa 1994.
I did not think it was that far as tv studios go! Looks kinda scandanavian...maybe they went to ikea!:32:

To tell you the truth I can't even remember what the old set was like and I have been watching for years.

Hate the new graphics though, the details are too far over my screen and the colour is bland.
I'm getting old - the minimalist style leaves me very, very cold. And, heaven forbid, QVC seems to be taking a leaf out of IW's book these days for font style!


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