QVC web team response to poor reviews.


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Crikey, and was so close to ordering the red set, dont think I will bother now.
Think my good nights sleep has left me slower than usual this morning.
How come there's a review posted days ago on a new item ?

I like them

I have several boards and one coated knife and have been using them without problems for several months now. The knife has not lost its coating and although the boards are scratched as you would expect in use, they have not stained. I always wash them immediately after use - the boards either in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher and the knife always in hot soapy water. I never put any of my "good" sharp knives in the dishwasher.
The demo I saw when I bought the boards did say they would scratch but the anti-bac property would not be diminished as it is throughout the board.
I have seen them answer another set of particular poor reviews for a flannel NN TSV some years back when everyone moaned about the "fluff" shedding everywhere - they did respond in saying it was a bad batch.
with qvc own branded stuff i am very nervous i would rather buy a well known brand that qvc sell. northern nights is a case in point even some of the worst high street brands are better quality..

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