QVC in Germany - Dennis Basso Diamonique-Yuk!


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Oct 3, 2008
OK call me sad but while I am waiting for my Weight Watchers dinner to cook, I was just having a surf and remembered Charlie mentioning earlier that there is QVC in Germany. So just having a look and Dennis Basso has a range of Diamonique on their website, knowing how much everyone just lurves Dennis (NOT), thought I would share that with you all!!
That was a fab find though. Thanks for the warning, that way if it does appear here we will all be prepared.

Thanks for the warning.
dennis basso diamnique nothing special. but did like the houshold stuff.and the presentaion looks really sharp/clear.
Wonder will Dennis Basso find his way to QVC Japan theres a thought. :D

Haha, thanks for that, just watched the live streaming, brings back nice memories from when we lived there :thumbsup:.

As for Basso, I have nothing but contempt for him, so will never buy whatever he sells.
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I wouldn't buy anything related to this creep, but I have to say I would be much happier if he devoted all his energies to jewellery design.

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