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J'adore Labrador
Jun 25, 2008
A copy of the QVC thread, Chess mentioned it would be a good idea and I agree :up2:

How do you keep a straight face on the fashion shows? :giggle:
To the Presenters ....Do you draw straws for the Itsacrap shows. LOL
A copy of the QVC thread, Chess mentioned it would be a good idea and I agree :up2:

How do you keep a straight face on the fashion shows? :giggle:

Nice one! I think I'd ask the same but might expand a bit (like one of their waistbands!) and ask if they're saying things like OMG what a load of tat before and after the shows!
Why do you talk about the POTD for an hour? Then every other hour until the next POTD?

Do you have any other products other than the on air ones?

Why do you only have 1 or 2 products per hour (apart from the hours you have the POTD in when there is only 1 product)?
Don't you think Myra is off her trolley? :giggle:

When something goes wrong, why do you walk off saying 'let me show you what you are getting for your money'.......we'd rather stay and watch the squirming :giggle:

You tell us not to go to the High St.........why are you always there? :smirk:

Ju......can Scratchy have your number?
Burning question here....
Why is it, you have most POTD's that get shown repeatedly throughout the day, ad infinitum but occasionally there's one that is shown at 9pm and 11pm and then like NEVER the next day? Are you contractually obliged to show it for like 120 minutes so you show the absolute minimum?

If IW fashion is so damn amazing, why do the presenters never wear it and always talk of their high street trips and online purchases and never say they bought something fashion from IW?

Why do they let obviously overweight people like Den and Loen and Paul Broddy show us healthy eating products and bang on about how to stay slim and healthy? At least Simon Brown on QVC is a stick insect and I can believe he eats healthy food?

Why get the same presenters to voice over the adverts? sounds so tacky and like the channel is run by 3 people, you know, when Andy comes off air he's in the back room sweeping up? Pay someone a few bob to voice over the ads for christs sake!!!

Moira C. Why?
Ms Weightman - what does your real husband think of you having a crafting husband as well? Ad while we're at it, any chance of stopping that inane giggling?

Ellis Ward - any chance you could stop woo-hooing and screeching and waving your arms about as if you WERE the Moulin Rouge?

All of you - are you really as expert as you think you are about makeup, fashion (?????????) Tom Tom, fitness, yogurt, (need I go on?) why not just do the damn shows yourselves!

Several of you - why do you keep saying "hello/ goodbye from ME and ....."? I was always taught it was good manners to put yourself last.
Do Den's daughter's speak to her?
Does Ju really live in fleaflaps and does she receive suspect fan mail?
Does Howard often go up in a bloon?
How many presenters own a Karcher/Tom-Yom/Pocketsurfer?
What made Ellis change her hairstyle?
Is Debbie Paver insane?
Is Moira C insane?
How much do they pay you?

Is Loen as funny in real life than on TV?

Is Debbie bored of sewing curtains?

Do you hate Karcher?

Do you get fed up of daft e-mails and magic ****** hands?

Is Joanne as dull in real life than on TV?
How cruel are you MrsJ? :wait2: :doh:

Howie- Can MrsJames go up in a bloon with you?

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