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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
Hi folks,

I bought this ring a month or so ago and loved it to bits, my first piece of Ruby:

I snet it off of resizing almost straight away, got it back and it wasnt until the next day that I realised, I no longer have that lovely rhodium plating on it, its all polished silver. So my question is have any of you experienced this? I still like it, but its no long the same ring, shouldn't they rhodium plate it to be as it was before the resizing??

thanks guys
Contact Customer Services, that changes the ring totally, and not for the better. I presume it's the black plating that's gone, and that kind of is the point of the whole ring.
So sorry that's occured, I imagine thought that it will be sorted in some way, either by the channel or the jeweller you used for sizing (presuming it's either Stanley's or Outwork). If you've gone elsewhere, it might be a lot more tricky to get this fixed.

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