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Oct 29, 2008
Are non-stop drops likely to end up selling for less or more than the normal price drops? The reason I ask is that I got caught a out few nights ago and bought something during a non-stop that usually goes for a few pounds cheaper on a normal drop. I've only been watching the sit-up channels for a few weeks so haven't noticed any particular pattern yet. It was only a few quid and I'm fairly happy with the price I paid, but I'd like to know if it is likely to be a mistake to buy during a non-stop in the future.

If this is a "how long is a piece of string" type question, then feel free to tell me so :)

JoolzS the thing with a non stop drop is that it all depends on how busy it is and which channel you are watching so it is kinda like how long is a piece of string really

i`ve seen things go cheaper and dearer than normal in a non stop drops
Thanks for that. I thought it might be a case of "it depends" :)

I'm just a little annoyed with myself for buying during a non-stop because I'd put a couple of bids in online on the same item at the lowest price I've seen them sell at but they didn't drop low enough each time. I took a chance on the non-stop and, as I said, the price I paid was OK, but I'm still kicking myself (although very gently) every time I see them sell for a lower price than I paid. Next time I'll be more patient and stick with the online bids.

For anyone curious, I bought the enviro washballs. I ended up paying close to £15.00 (plus the P&P) when I know I could get them at £9.99. If they work as claimed (and having used them a couple of times they seem OK), then they'll still be a huge saving compared to buying washing powder for me, but I'd have liked it to be an even bigger saving.

Non stop drops depend upon viewers liking a product so much they can't be patient enough to wait ONE MINUTE so the price drops by another £10 or more. If folks wait, then they save money. There's a mad rush for the last 50 on some of the more popular large quantity items, but I've waited till about 20 or 30 and I've still saved a few more pounds. I prefer to have checked the 3 shopping sites and researched prices available, but there isn't always time for this, thanks to the bridges and mountains you have to cross before you get to the CONFIRM BID link action.

By the way, look out for when they start showing you a fancy clock set for 2 minutes to end the auction. You could pay higher prices during these auctions, so don't bid till the price is right for you. They may not sell 200 out of 200 at £10 plus £8 postage as you hoped. They may sell 100 at £20 plus £8 postage. Maybe they'll get loads of returned items from unhappy customers.

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