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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
Got home today to find a card from DPD, saying that they tried to deliver something while I was out. I wasn't expecting anything today.

Is it possible that I might have won a prize without realising? Does anyone know if I did?
ohh you might off. Or someone has bought you a gift. All will be revealed soon but if your like me you want to know now what it was. any way hope it is something nice.
If it is you can always give it to Zelvern, they're fed up sitting on the loser's step, and would be more than happy with it!!

I won one of those 'bloomin ivy rings', it was a nice surprise to get something unexpected and for free.


No, I haven't either - it'll probably turn out to be something I ordered and forgot about!
I dont want to build up your hopes but i think you won a necklace on the random thingy
if i'm mistaken i'll apolagise in advance
I won and got one of those ivy diamond rings lol not really my thing but i dare say it'll find a home somewhere.
Parcel arrived today... It was a CD of Sarah's songs.

Ah, welll - not as good as jewellery, but a nice thought of Rocks to send out freebies.

I'm still holding out for a jewellery prize, though... Hope the computer is listening!
:54:OH miss magpie I'm so sorry for building your hopes up still a cd better than the ring lol
I wonder who had the necklace then ? never mind fingers crossed for a next time:1:
Burn a hole in it with a fag then thread some string through the hole,hey presto nice new necklace,hope this helps :D

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