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Jun 25, 2008
Good morning shoppers. Just wondered if anyone else has been having problems with tjc new web page i tried to bid on an item yday and was mad when it came back as the page was not available by the time i got the phone it was too late grrr. :mad:
I've made a few purchases on the new site and haven't had any problems buying but when I try to checkout using a Maestro card it keeps saying "incorrect Credit Card number"!! I know the number is correct but I've had to use a different Visa Card instead as that's the only type of card it will accept. I've emailed to ask if they no longer accept Maestro as it's still in the drop down menu. Sorry you've missed the items you wanted Mags.
If TJC no longer take Maestro I'll not be buying anything as it's the only plastic I've got.

I think they're shooting themselves in the foot if it's the case.
I've had the same problem with the Maestro card, though I was able to snaffle a couple of TV pieces at the weekend using the website. Still waiting for the delivery tho'....:rolleyes:

Sorry to hear you missed out on something Mags.
I've just had a (quick!) reply to my email re Maestro cards. TJC are aware of the problem and their engineers are working on it now so should be resolved soon.

How nice to get a quick reply - I honestly think things are on the up with TJC and I am really pleased about that. I have always had good quality pieces from them and IMHO their higher end jewellery (Iliana) is just so superior to anything else that can be purchased on any other Jewellery channels or Auction sites. They are the only channel/site where I would buy Tanzanite as I feel it is of a much higher quality and similarly their Emeralds and the likes.

I have been very scathing about TJC in the past (despite spending a fortune with them!!) and I still feel deservedly so but with them selling more coloured stones and even silver now and not giving us a daily overdose of Tanzanite and Diamonds I think they are really leading the way just now and finally are making the best of what they've got. Keep up the good work TJC!
hi all update i emailed the shopper and managed to secure the item wooohoooo so am very pleased now but cant display the pic as dont know how too ss when it arrives will try and get a pic.

Klosblue im glad you got a quick response and things looking up for tjc . :) :) :)
I gave up trying to buy anything on the old website due to it not accepting Maestro cards.

Haven't looked at the site recently but will have a mooch - not that I can buy anything cos of being boracic!

Glad to hear that things generally have taken a turn for the better. It was about time.
Just a quick up date pleased to say the shopper services was great managed to get my pendant after waiting months to find one
sorry to say i dont do pics well , doesnt give it much justice

Just wanted to say woohoo to TJC for a change.
Delighted Mags that you have at last received your special piece. It looks a lovely and very substantial pendant, I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of pleasure from wearing it. Glad everything turned out well for you.
Thanks for e-mailing about maestro, Klos - I thought they didn't love me any more :33:

That's a beautiful pendant Mags :)

(I'm using some of these new smilies, though I can't see them particularly clearly on my screen at the bottom of my reply box, so apologies if I use something completely peculiar by mistake!)

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