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Nov 25, 2008
I have been having problems with TJC since the summer and I emailed them about my problem and they told me it was sorted out, but today it is still the same.

I can login, but cannot access "my jewellery channel" and if I put something in my basket I can't checkout.

For both these actions I get this message:-

Sorry, the page you're trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.
Your request cannot be processed, Please contact customer care.

The only way I can contact customer services is by email as I can't ring an 08 number from here in Italy.

Do you think that this Percy guy might be able to help me as back in the summer my aunt wanted an £899 ring but because I couldn't check it out they lost the sale and she lost her ring?

Has anyone else had this problem?
sorry, i haven't had any problems so can't really help. have you had a search thru the posts over the past few months for TJC?

could it be your location that's causing a problem? perhaps identifies that you're not uk based?

i'm sure Percy could help you, his email was mentioned on a thread earlier today so it shouldn't be too difficult to find.

hope you get sorted :)

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