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Jul 9, 2008
Was channel hopping earlier and came accross this new range on QVC the guest presenter was Amy Garcia so wondered if it was anything to do with Kim & Co.

The clothes looked very frumpy and not very well made. Did anyone else think this?
How to look like a bag of spanners without really trying


That fabric is soooooooo forgiving :D

Mmmmmm, very flattering, especially with the flat shoes. :eek:

More overpriced tatt fashion.:D I watched about ten minutes and imo you would find better than that on any market stall.
I didn't dare watch it. Because the 'fashion' brand was called poetry I just knew that the presenters were going to ask people to send or ring in with their own poetry. I had just had a delicious dinner and didn't want to empty the contents of my stomach over the TV screen.
I was amazed at the prices it and the clothes looked so terrible IMO.

My other big gripe with QVC UK is why put USA sizing on our screen, it drives me insane. I want to know if i am buying a 18 or whatever size, i really do hate how they do this.
QVC fashion or flops ?

watched poetry for a few minutes last night and thought it was kim trying to sqeeze every last pound out of the QVC viewers who buy into her philosophy of " pieces in your wardrobe that never date " or as i like to think of it as verbal power surge of B*** S****

now that the KNC range seems to have vanished from our screens and her site she has to try a new angle ! she charges way too much for her clothes in the first place ( more than you pay from her site ) and then to launch a new range that is different, when all it shows is that her designs can be re hashed in a different fabric .

the hard sell about if this top were in another store it would cost millions is more B*** S**** :mad::mad::mad:

for a start ( IMO ) most people who can afford to buy the tops and other items for several hundred pounds wont be shopping on QVC, so saying you are making a large saving while charging £40.00 + for a top is a joke .

sorry if offended , dont mean to give the impression that QVC viewers are pennyless but i think that in this economy when the cost of living is high for UK + EIre (me) we dont want to see this high priced tat .

viewers need to see good quality items at reasonable prices

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