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Is anyone else fed up with looking at the website to see the last 24 hour on air items, only to see more and more silky chiffon / Michelle hope style blouses and tops ?
Im fed up of them ! Artscape stuff, Michelle Hope stuff, Kim and co stuff !

I wish they would sell stuff like Joules sweatshirts and Wellies or some other quality brands. I like Casual and co and style inc but it seems all they seem to air are boring stuff lately like Michelle Hope. I know that a lot of people like these brands but what about the rest ? :eek:
Are QVC driven by what the seller wants or by what the viewers want ?
QVC seem to be dominated by boring same old brands to me. If they have a growing amount of viewers then why can`t they start catering more for a younger age group ? Mums at home or younger viewers ? The audience is there waiting and would buy other brands if they were on the show. I am really fed up now of Kim and co dominating the fashion stuff on QVC and with seeing Michelle Hope. It was great 10 or 12 years ago but people , some people that is, do outgrow stretchy chiffon frilly blouses. I also can not stand that woman Michelle Hope. Such a smug looking plastic woman.:rolleyes:
It seems these, and I use the word loosely, 'designers' like Michelle Hope have a sycophantic following who continue to buy there garments no matter how OTT they are. When you hear some of the T-callers it makes me squirm with their gushing praise. It's no wonder M. Hope is so full of it :D. How about some brave person phone in during a fashion programme and raise the issue live on air...'Why can't QVC offer more up-to-date clothing for a more fashion conscious demographic?' Don't look at me :eek:.
QUOTE: Are QVC driven by what the seller wants or by what the viewers want ?

Clearly, they are driven by what the seller wants. The problem is, QVC has all the infrastructure in place to be wonderful: ease of ordering, great customer service, great presentation on all fronts, but fail at the final hurdle by not actually giving us those wonderful products we know are out there and that we so badly want! In fact, I think that's really why the good infrastructure is actually there: to make it as easy and attractive as possible to shift not quite good enough stuff! And if works for all of us viewers, but for only some of the time - you join qvc, you get a bit too carried ordering like crazy, you come to your senses and become more discerning... and new customers come along all the time, the pattern repeats itself... qvc stays in business!
You're quite right, mariecat. Careful what you wish for and all that. I have very little self control when it comes to QVC jewellery and tend to buy more than I could ever need...I really have to calm down :eek:. That's puerly because I can access it so much easier than I can by physically going into a jewellers, before QVC I just didn't think to go shopping for fine jewellery. Now, if they start producing half decent clothing I may end up going down the same road and buying a lot of stuff I really don't need.
I wonder how much freedom their fashion buyers have to find new brands. Apart from Michele Hope, their other leading brands are mostly American and Canadian. Probably it's a case of having to do what the Mother Ship dictates because the US buyers are really the ones in charge.

I blame George Bush. :(

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