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Jun 24, 2008
I think she is such a good presenter. I watched the Elemis show last night & she is so natural and pleasant. I wasn't going to watch as I thought it might be the screecher, but with Pippa no bragging, no interrupting, no - I need you to get on the phones. A pleasure to watch
Totally with you 100% Pippa is just so lovely at her job but with a wicked sense of humour sometimes<a href="http://www.sweetim.com/s.asp?im=gen&ref=11" target="_blank"><img src="http://content.sweetim.com/sim/cpie/emoticons/0002015E.gif" border=0 ></a>
She is perfect, easy to watch and listen to. She does not oversell, love it when she is presenting.

Where is Julia at the moment?? Hope nothing is wrong with her or her family.
She is a good at her job - and I think always respectful to the guests, which some presenters don't appear to be.
It's funny but I never used to like her and then almost overnight I thought she was one of the best presenters on QVC. Whether she changed her presenting style or whether I just mellowed I'm not sure, but she's great!

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