PinkPussyCat - is this the room cooler you threw out?


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Hi Clem it wasn't that exact one but something very similar. It was okay if you were right in front of it but useless if you want it to keep a whole room cool, that it does not do in my experience. Plus keeping it topped up with water got on my nerves and it was quite bulky as well. Not a good buy imo. Fraggs has a proper portable air con unit which she raves about so maybe ask her what she has?? :pPC:
I've had about 4 over the years, currently got the one that IW are currently featuring - it has too narrow a "beam" and I don't put water in it (learnt my lesson with previous models, it's a faff) so I might as well have an ordinary pedestal fan really... but those can be SO noisy and you don't know until it's too late.

AND it must have remote control so it can "liaise" with my flushes ;) If anyone's thinking of getting, the remote control is excellent, the buttons require only a fairy touch and you don't even have to point it at the cooler, so if you get woken by a flush and are all dopey, it's easy-peasy - provided you haven't lost it in your bed :sleepy:


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