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Sep 13, 2009
Hi All,

I have recently discovered Gems TV and I have seen quite a few diamond cluster rings that the other half likes.

As I am a newbie to all this jewellery and have looked through some posts I would like to know if anybody has bought any as I keep reading about treatments and wondered if they are either natural, coated or irradiated (looked on GTV website for coloured diamonds)

Can someone explain the difference (as I don't have a clue) and is this the only place to buy them from? maybe they can be bought cheaper?

Thanks in advance
Hello James and welcome to the forum!

This is the difference:

Natural pink diamonds - will cost you an arm and a leg! If you're a millionaire or have a budget that includes at least 3 zeros I can point you in the right direction!!!

Irradiated pink diamonds - These are the ones you'll see on GemsTV now. They used to have untreated pink diamonds but not any more (more's the pity). The process to irradiate diamonds is stable and you don't have to worry about the colour wearing off etc. They're a good, affordable, substitute for the real thing. If you ever see natural pink diamonds you'll see there is a colour difference between the two but nothing that the general bod on the street would notice!

Coated diamonds - don't touch these. They only coat the pavillion/culet of the gemstone. This scratches off and isn't suitable for everyday wear.

I can recommend the pink diamonds from GemsTV. They're very pretty and great prices. Stay away from Ebay as there's all sorts on there and you may as well burn your cash.

Hope that's helped. If you do get something for your other half, will you post up a piccie please? We're a nosey bunch on here!

p.s. If you search this forum you'll see piccies of pink diamond pieces some of us (including me) have bought.
Hi Meeshoo,

Thanks for your reply.

I will have a look at Gems as they seem to be one of the most reputable and should the missus change her mind we can always send it back with no worries.

I will def post some piccies if we purchase one.

Just out of intrest is there anyway to detect the difference in treatments - coasted vs irradiated or do you have to send it away to be tested if we purchased an item elsewhere?

Thanks Again
You can actually detect a coating but it does take practice and you need to know what you're looking for - but unless you've been staring at gemstones through a loupe for years I wouldn't recommend it.

There's no way to detect irradiation without having it tested. Again, if you've had the priviledge of working with or collecting gems you get a certain nose for these things.

The only way to be 100% certain is to send a gemstone, unmounted, to a reputable Lab. The Birmingham Assay Office has a branch that tests for treatments and I've used them in the past when unsure.

Good luck with your quest!
Hi James,welcome to the forum. Your good lady will be a very lucky lady if you buy her some Pink Diamonds. As Meesh says the current selection are all treated, though some of us had the opportunity to get our hands on some untreated ones last year.

These current ones tend to be more pink, but generally are decent quality diamonds with plenty of sparkle and some fire. I've looked at several and have returned them all for different reasons...usually to do with the co-ordinating white diamonds which were comparison.

When they had the mega price meltdown clearance recently there were some excellent prices, but I haven't seen any on offer recently. Good luck in your quest.
Thought you might enjoy this!

See whether you guess right! Which of these pink/red diamonds are treated? If you suspect they're treated, how have they been treated?


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At the risk of sounding foolish....much the norm for me....I really don't have a clue...:blush:

But I think I like the first one best for its clearer facetting. Unusual to see a cushion cut as in the third pic -
the colour looks rather intense in that one.

The middle one looks quite dark, almost Rubellite in colour, coated perhaps?

Think you need to give us a clue.....:33:
I'm with Sacha and think the middle one but I don't have a clue either!

By the way, TJC sell natural pink and yellow diamonds occasionally.
Ok, well you guys have just proved my point that experienced gem collectors also need to rely on Labs and Certs.

The answers are below - surprised?

What you're going to be even more surprised at is that the last one on the right is actually a natural red diamond weighing 1ct! Don't ask the price!!!

I hope this link works Look at the difference in price between the natural and the enhanced pink diamond at the bottom! Nearly the same carat weight but definitely a huge price difference!!!


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We were posting at the same time Sacha - answers on the previous page :grin:
We were posting at the same time Sacha - answers on the previous page :grin:
Aha...thanks. Can't say I have any experience with red diamonds :smirk: though I wouldn't say no to a few shares in the Argyle mine! Thanks for the link, makes interesting reading. Off to have a looksee at some blue-ish stones now, (overpriced) Chameleon Tanzies.......

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