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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Ok, Heres the pics i said i would post up.

Firstly...To match a bracelet received last week...Carnelian and pearl necklace

Smokey Quartz very chunky bracelet, Adore this, worth every penny too.

Smokey Quartz and Lemon Quartz bracelet, Another lovely chunky bracelet, BUT i'll have to get a replacement as one of the metal cages has a scratch/gouge to the side.

Smokey Quartz ring, I have this design in other stones and love it. Big, Bold statement piece.

White Topaz Scribbler Ring....Big Bold and Chunky

Smokey Quartz solitaire...Simple, classic solitaire. Love it!

And Finally....

White Gold Heart shape Amethyst solitaire. Very pretty deisgn, simple and elegant. Very sweet ring.

They all look lovely!

I love that pearl and carnelian necklace.

I have the white topaz scribbling ring coming in my order today....if it ever arrives!!!
Tabs, I would love to own every one of the pieces you received today :jump:

I have the smokey quartz solitaire too and have worn it loads of time already - I'll need to keep a look-out for the chunky bracelet to match :D
Tabs I love that SQ bracelet, do you mind me asking how much you paid for....cheeky me!!
Thanks you two! Most of the pieces received today will mix and match with existing pieces. Smokey quartz/lemon quartz/citrine etc etc so lots of options. Very versatile pieces! :)
:D love them tabs especially the smokey quartz bracelet lucky lady i say :D the top necklace is unusual but very pretty well done
Tabs I love that SQ bracelet, do you mind me asking how much you paid for....cheeky me!!

Hi Mandik, I assume you mean the first one? I paid £27 for that one, and IMO worth every last penny! Very weighty, very solid, and not sure if you can tell by the pic but all the links are curved underneath so it sits well too. Fastens with a T-bar:)
What fab keepers you have there,Yorkie:)

Gutted that you like the carnelian.....would have snaffled that off ya otherwise!:D

The chunky look really suits you,great bracelets,especially the sq and lemon quartz....really like that one.

Enjoy them all,hun xxx
Thanks for posting pics, Tabs ... all your keepers look fab on you. Hope you manage to get a replacement lemon and smokey quartz bracelet.
gorgeous items especially the smokey quartz bracelet. Thanks for putting the pics up, i love having a nosey at other peoples bling:D
How lovely, that chunky earthtones look very much suits you.
My own favourite is the pearl/carnelian necklace - looks so much better on you than it did on Rocks. Well done on some lovely bargains and enjoy wearing them.

Lol, Thats me, Chunky and Earthy:eek::rolleyes:

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