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Jun 24, 2008
I have recieved these today ,three are keepers but i'm not sure of the other two...

Ametrine pendant... not over big but i love the colours in it the split betweem citrine and amethyst is striking.
Ametrine ring.... as the pendant i think i will wear this alot.

smokey quartz earrings ..the chandaliers i call them ,sweet i like them

The next two are my undeciders
First the turquoise ring ,ive been after a ring for ages ,i like the design and not as big as i thought it would be the colour but its not a true N as i can only wear it on one hand not sure i want to wear it next to my wedding ring???
the same with the multi gem ring, lovely colours but smaller than an N ..not sure as it cannot be re-sized..


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Love those ametrines, especially the ring, looks like a good one.
I've always half fancied those earrings too, though I'm not a fan of sq I just love the design.
I'm really impressed with the turquoise ring - on screen I thought it looked a bit too big and unwieldy, in real life it looks the business. You'll get no sympathy from me on resizing though, I need everything done lol!!! If you love it and want it on a different finger just go for it - it's lovely enough to be worth paying the tenner.
The other one is another matter though - if it can't be resized and doesn't fit, kind of almost returns itself???!!!
Either way, enjoy your lovely keepers!
The ametrines are lovely, scorps. I agree with PQ about keeping the turquoise ring.

The multi-gem ring....if the gems go all the way round and you love the colours, how about wearing it on a ribbon or a cord?
Hi buddy :1:

Great colour split on the ametrine,tbh I am not a fan of the stone but I think that is because I just don't suit amethyst,but I understand why others like it and it looks like you have a great set there.The chandelier earrings are fab,I got those and they do indeed look glam,but I gave them away(begrudgingly!!) because they were just too long for my small head!!!lol

PQ....these would look great on you I think:1:

As to the undecideded......the turquoise ring is fab,looks a great colour and I love the design so along with others I agree that the resizing fee is worth it if you really like the ring.If the other can't resize send it back,no brainer really imo.

Enjoy your lovely haul,matey xxxxxxxx
Lovely ametrine ring Marie, very similar to one ive owned quite a while (not from rocks or any other jewellery channel) and one thats a firm favourite in my jewellery box, Would be a definate keeper for me. Liking the colour of the turquoise muchly too. Enjoy :)
Lovely pieces.
I do agree the multi gem ring is slightly smaller than a N though.
Like the smoky quartz earrings & have them in my pressie box (I'm dark skinned & they don't really suite my skin tone but couldn't resist buying them anyway ;))
Have fun wearing them all! :D
Lovely haul. I just have one piece of ametrine - a pendant but the colour way in your ring looks fab. I have the SQ earrings and love them. I have the multi gem ring too Shame its smaller in size. Now the turquoise ring I love and missed out. Can I have first refusal please if you are sending it back :)

Enjoy wearing them all.
Lovely items Mariek - haven't got any ametrine, but it's on my wish list. Shame about the others, the turquoise looks gorgeous and I like Perdita's idea of the multi gem on a cord. Enjoy your keepers.
Marie I'd have those ametrine off ya in a heartbeat! just my cuppa tea :D

enjoy wearing your new bits and pieces. I'm like Anne, I have to everything resized so add a tenner on to every ring. if you love it, go for it.

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