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I received a phone call from a Mr Sharkey this morning saying that the CEO had instructed him to talk with me on sorting out the problem i have with the lost stone in my mercury Topaz ring (see earlier threads) he told me that their CS supervisor jan was wrong to tell me that this was not their problem because the 14days returns policy had past and he would be reviewing the telephone conversation that was on tape.He offered me a replacement off which i would have been quite happy with initially but after the treatment his CS had given me i have declined that offer,it has been agreed for a full refund, i was also offered £10 to be put on my account for the inconvieniance i have had ,this i have also declined as i have said to him IF i was to buy again i now know i cannot rely on his CS to help me so i will not be buying from them again.I am sure that i am not the first person to have had this treatment from their CS but perhaps i am the first to have a corporate lawyer for a brother and a was pending county court summons, why do us as customers have to go to these lengths just to get our consumer rights,they take our money quick enough,they tell us what a wonderful bargain they are giving us,so they should stand by words and give us their caring customer service DOH!:doh:
Glad you got your refund Tequila, well done. As you say, you shouldn't have to go to these lengths to get a sensible response to a perfectly reasonable complaint.

I'm so happy you got it sorted Tequilla !, but it should not have had to go as far as it did.
Have you got to return the ring, or can you keep it ? , not that it is much use with the missing stone !.
Lets hope that their customer service department get a "kick up the backside" but I doubt it .
Just think of all the time, and expense not to mention stress that you have gone through !, they should be sending you a free ring !.
re; stone falling out

:clapping:i hve had a phone call from head office at situp channels to inform me that my refund had been done and will be in my bank in a couple of days he also said he had listen to the tape of my phone conversation to Jan his CS supervisor and has sent out a directive to all staff that every complaint must be dealt with on merit and that the 14 day returns policy does not include items of jewelery that has got a problem he apoligised for his staff and has told me to keep his personal number and that if in future i decide to buy rom them again and have any problems to phone him direct.:muscle:

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