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Jun 24, 2008
Philip Kingsley Swimcap & Comb
Item Number: 223971
QVC Price £21.75
Anniversary Price £19.10
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.45

Swimming at the beach on in a pool may be fun, but it isn't kind on your hair. You need an extra-special product to protect and care for your hair and this is it! Swimcap from Philip Kingsley (150ml) protects your locks from sun, chlorine and sea water, whilst helping it become soft, shiny and supple. An anti-static comb is included to help disperse the product through the hair.

Philip Kingsley No Scent, No Colour Discovery Collection
Item Number: 225914
QVC Price £17.76
Anniversary Price £16.14
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.95

Do you have a sensitive scalp? Then try this collection from Philip Kingsley. It's for all hair types with sensitive, delicate or easily irritated scalps. You'll receive No Scent No Colour shampoo (75ml), which cleanses the hair and scalp using the mildest ingredients. It has a gently lathering formula that will leave your hair shiny and manageable. You'll also get No Scent No Colour conditioner (75ml), Flaky Itchy Scalp tonic (75ml) and two elasticizer single treatments (20ml) - super intensive treatments to moisturise and smooth your hair.

Philip Kingsley Shine & Protect Cream
Item Number: 226832
QVC Price £14.25
Anniversary Price £12.95
Availability In stock
UK P&P £2.95

Get healthy-looking locks with this shine and protect cream by Philip Kingsley. The smooth cream treatment (75ml) comes in two options; Fine to Medium and medium to Coarse. The Fine to Medium option smoothes, adds shine and reduces the appearance of dryness with a lightweight hold and UV protection. The Medium to Coarse choice tames curly, frizzy hair so you can keep your tresses under control.
Philip Kingsley Straight Hair Kit
Item Number: 228246
QVC Price £32.50
Anniversary Price £26.98
Availability In stock
UK P&P £4.45

Get sleek, straight hair with this fab collection from Philip Kingsley. It includes Straight Hair (75ml) - a heat-activated formula that tames curly or frizzy hair transforming it into smooth manageable locks. For lasting hold and shine use the Weatherproof hairspray (250ml), and add shine and bounce to your tresses with the two Elasticizer sachets (20ml).

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