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Jul 5, 2008
I dont know if you were watching the other night when at the last moments of the show they put on a 14" peacock pearl necklace i had requested some blue pearls earlier in the evening these were not really the ones i had in mind tho, But as they found these out for me i thought it would be rude not to bid on them luckily enough they went really cheap at £12 as i had an order anyway i thought nothing to lose i can always send them back later on Well to the point i think everyone was put off by the description of 14"i dont know why they've put that on them because they fit me ( and I'm a large lady )so girls if they come up again have a go cause they are beautiful wot a bargain
Thanks for posting that Milly. I did look at that necklace but the 14" length put me off, its good to know they are longer.
I forgot to say they are on a wire with an extender I'd say they were 16" as a choker and 18" using the extender well they go round my chunky neck anyway:)
thanks milly ill look out for that when my card has had a chance to cool down!!!:)
hi anne yes that is the necklace
I see your wearing yours and they look stunning on you . I seen them on the c.r. site
but did'nt think they'd be me if you know what i mean, but irl there fab
I may keep them in my pressie drawer til i decide if i'm to old to wear them
and at that price i can afford to do that I cant remember what they were now but quite pricey
for sure ,I dont think the prices will last long so I'm hunting bargains now
Thought so from your description.
I think they were £24 when I bought them, but I had a 10% discount.
By the way, you're never too old for pearls hun...
Actually, they are the nicest pearls I've ever bought, they even beat Honora for my money.
Thanks for saying that I've never had pearls before of any kind i thought the style might be a bit young looking but hey your only as young as you feel is that what they say still good bargain hunting all

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