Paul McKenna uses his powers in an Ideal World


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<img src="/images/idealchannels.png" border="0" alt="Ideal World" title="Ideal World" hspace="4" align="right" />TV personality Paul McKenna will be using both his psychological powers to sell his latest DVD on shopping channel, Ideal World, this weekend.<br /><br />Paul McKenna has helped millions across the world to increase self confidence and lose weight by changing the way they think about food. Paul will be live on Ideal World tonight at 9pm and 11pm and tomorrow at 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.<br /><br />It will not only give viewers the chance to purchase this groundbreaking DVD set from the man himself, but they will also receive his best selling journal to keep a count of their eating habits and lifestyle, plus a free CD.<br /><br />So if you’re looking to lose weight by rethinking your attitudes and beliefs to change eating habits and lifestyle, tune into Paul this weekend to find out more. Paul will speak to you directly about how you can lose weight… permanently!<br /><br />'s very own webmaster is even taking up the challenge, if you want to join him, 'I Can Make You Thin’ six DVD box set with journal and free CD, is priced at £49.99.
Your eyes are heavy, heavy as lead.....

My hubby says we should be worried that Paul McKenna will be using his hypnotic powers to persuade us that the same old tat Ideal has been flogging for years is worth the money!!! I would have though Ideal was more Paul Daniels territory - "you'll like it, not a lot!!"

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