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<img src="/images/tony_little_iwusa.jpg" border="0" alt="Tony Little" title="Tony Little" hspace="4" vspace="1" align="right" />Ideal World is coming live from HSN studios in Florida USA from 8pm Thursday 16th to 9pm Friday 17th July.<br /><br />"We are bringing our viewers the latest in American crafting and fantastic product including Rhonda Sheers, Sammy Salon and Ice elements. We are featuring one of the biggest American crafting trends of the moment, Scrapbooking, and hope to show viewers how to recreate the look with all the best hints, tips and latest product.<br /><br />Tony Little will be live in the US studio with us, we are planning to launch the event with him at 8pm on Thursday the 16th July, he is also on Friday the 17th at 12pm.<br />Alongside his rock and roll stepper we will also be doing the exclusive launch of his “cheeks” fitness footwear to the UK market."<br /><br />Here is a flavour of what is coming up from Tony:-<br /><br /><strong>Rock ‘n Roll Stepper</strong><br /><br />The Rock 'n Roll Stepper provides core balance training and muscle toning. Has a side to side rocking motion working the hips, buttocks and thighs. Tony Little’s Instructional VCD will teach you how to perform the correct way to workout on the Rock n roller.<br />Step up, take charge and have with the versatile workout of the Tony Little Rock 'n Roll Stepper with instructional VCD. <br />This take-anywhere stepper enjoyable workout. Let's rock!<br /><br />∙ Low impact <br />∙ Lateral stepping motion works the inner and outer thighs, calves and buttocks<br />∙ LCD Screen shows repetitions, time, steps per minute and calories.<br />∙ Easy to use <br />∙ Compact and lightweight <br />∙ Different exercise levels - beginners to advanced <br />∙ For men and women of all ages <br />∙ Fun exercises including "Tush Push", "Squat Squeeze", "Hug Me", "Bicep Boogie" and more. <br />∙ Weight limit of 100Kg.<br />∙ Digital Counter (Requires one AAA Battery)<br /><br /><strong>Cheeks Exercise Sandals</strong><br /><br />America's Personal Trainer - Tony Little brings you a breakthrough in exercise footwear technology. Cheeks . . . <br />Each pair of Cheeks is made from super-durable EVA foam… And have features other sandals can only dream about! And includes the specially designed carry-all tote!<br />So stylish they are perfect for work or play! So comfortable you will notice a difference the very moment you put them on! <br />Made of 1 piece moulded EVA<br /><br />o The one piece design makes the shoe durable<br />o The colour of the shoe is the same all the way through so the colour will not wear off<br />o EVA is waterproof<br />o Ultra lightweight</p><p>Incline Footwear Technology<br />o Designed to be lower at the heel so it gives the effect of walking up hill<br />o Helps to exercise the back of the calves<br />o While standing, helps to stretch the muscles</p><p>Fully featured functional footwear<br />o Gel footbed gives added comfort and impact reduction<br />o Arch support<br />o Toe bar<br />o Full gel bed<br />o Platform cradles the foot and holds it securely in place
My rock and roll stepper broke and had to go back to QVc I dont rate how its made, quite like the idea of he cheeks sandels but Im not ordering of Ideal World
I love my TL rock n roll, had none of the problems with it some other peeps have had. But when it was the TSV, we were told we would have a years personal training by email from his team, there were whole adverts of his training office and the trainers on the phone to folk. I got my membership card with the TSV and emailed them umpteen times with no response, even emailing his customer service about the lack of response, and guess what, no response! I ended up complaining to QVC about being misold part of the TSV, and they came back to me with his trainers email addy (which I obviously already had) and said that if I emailled them then they had promised to give me a response. And guess what again ....... you got it! Grrrrrrr
BTW, the first part of this announcement is confusing as its the American Crafts thing, that then launches into TL. I had visions of Tony pumping up his biceps with a crop-o-dile!
He looked like he's succumb to the surgeons knife in the promo, shame really as I always had abit of a thing for him on QVC - I find long haired men extremely sexy* :rock:

*apart from Marcouscous that is, anyone who fancies him wants certifying!

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