Paul Bridges on Rocks


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Jun 24, 2008
Just tuned in to Rocks and Co and who do I see presenting - none other than Paul Bridges. Missed the start of the hour, so don't know if he is guesting, but he's there on his own so it looks as if he might be a new presenter.
He was on Gems several years ago Klos. He was promoted to a manager and then didn't present as much anymore. He's famous for his leather trousers!
Thanks Jacqualina must have been before my time. Someone has just texted in and asked if he still has his leather trousers!
Have to confess I don't normally like male presenters (with the exception of John Scott of course - he's one of a kind and should be part of the One Collection!)
Just turned over and he's on now. He's actually a nice man, met him on a visit to Gems Towers. I thought last time someone spotted him, he was on the HSN in Australia. I think his wife Kerry is Australian?


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