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I've got the braun version (silk epil xpressive) which is supposed to be 1/3 off everywhere at the moment and it's fantastic. Much better and less painful than waxing!
On amazon

It's cheaper than the panasonic on QVC and Braun are the original epilator company!

Braun Silk-épil Xpressive 7781 Wet & Dry Rechargeable Body & Face Epilator
by Braun

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I have got the Braun one mentioned above. It's much much better than the old ones from a number of years ago but not completely pain-free. The only problem is ingrowing hairs, I think I will have to be a bit more rigorous with exfoliating.
hope i haven't caused an argument over this?

think i might give it a go, amazon are selling the panasonic one just slightly cheaper than the tsv and with free p&p!

thanks for your honesty though, will have a vodka or 2 before i begin!!!
I have been epilating for years now, it really gets better every time you do it. I make sure I exfoliate first (also helps with any ingrowing hairs, although I do not get that anymore), and put alovera on afterwards. The hair now grows back so fine that I only have to do it maybe every 6 weeks.
It really is much better then waxing (in my opinion), and I would never go back to shaving.
Still trying to convince darling gaughter though you tried epilating once and said it was similar to torture used by the CIA (????????):wink2:
It gets better as each session progresses too. I used mine last night and it hurt a bit initially, then got better but hurt a bit when I moved on to the other leg and then got better again.
I never went for this TSV but I almost wish I had done now.......

It's got such good reviews, both on QVC & elsewhere, even from novice epilator users, which I would be!
(Most of the ones QVC sell/have sold in the past are or have been such utter carp it has kinda put me off but this seemed a really good one! Typical! *rolls eyes!*)
Another vote for the Braun product, the thread Jabba started about it practically forced me to buy it and it is super.

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