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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
As i'm always the first to moan:angel: i thought i would give some praise for the great CS i have received this week from Carl at Gems Tv.
I have had an few problems with a delevery from DPD and Carl has been fantastic, he said he would keep in contact with me and ensure i did get my delivery, he called DPD on Thursday to give instructions for my 2nd delevery on Friday, he then called me to confirm but unfortunately DPD got it wrong and Carl had to phone them several times on Friday and he also called me several times to keep me updated, he then called me Saturday morning after calling DPD again to ensure me i would get my parcel, he called me again to say he had called DPD (again) and i would definatly have my parcel before 1 and he even called me again at 1 to ensure all was ok!
So Carl was true to his word and did keep in contact from beginning to end and thanks to him i did eventually recieve my parcel on Saturday!
So thanks Carl :hi:

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