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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
Not much of a photographer, I'm afraid, so you'll have to put up with the Rocks & Co pics!

First of all, my long awaited blue fire opal (which COO Andrew kindly sorted out for me after the computer said it was out of stock when it wasn't):

http://www.rocksandco.com/Jewellery/ProductDetail.aspx?SKU=282 250

The blue fire opal is a subtle silvery blue colour, and is really quite unlike any other gemstone. Highly recommended if you want something beautiful and exceptionally rare.

And this - bought off the web so I probably paid 50% more than I could have, but it's gorgeous!

http://www.rocksandco.com/Jewellery/ProductDetail.aspx?SKU=249 805

Like many of the Rocks & Co pieces, these both have the "trademark" line of sparkly diamonds which make them quite special. I've no idea how Rocks & Co manage to use quite so many diamonds without pushing up the prices, but keep up the good work I say!
Lovely Miss M, the blue fire opal is very unusual, saw it last time they had some, and you know I'm a bit partial to fancy sapphires!!!

Two lovely pieces MissM, I'm really hoping they'll have some more blue fire opal soon.
Miss M they're lovely. I want some blue fire opal :( and the sapphire ring is just gorgeous. I don't wear much yellow gold, but that's something that would definitely tempt me!

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