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Green Lounge Set of 2 Folding Recliners
Item Number: 738327
QVC Price £174.96
Todays Special Value Price £119.88
P&P £5.95

Sit back, relax and enjoy moments outdoors with this set of two Green Lounge folding recliner chairs. Whether you're soaking up the sun, enjoying a quiet read in your garden or catching up with a loved one, these chairs are designed to offer comfort, while enhancing the look of your garden decor. Both chairs boast seven reclining positions, ergonomically shaped backrests and seats, plus welded armrests. They're also the perfect companions for camping trips, beach days and beyond. *A great saving: If you were to buy this Green Lounge Set of 2 Folding Recliners from QVCUK.com after this offer ends, you'd pay £174.96 plus P&P. So, for our Today's Special Value price of just £119.88 plus P&P, you’re saving £55.08.
High-quality design - these chairs are made from weather-resistant and UV consistent materials, making them easy to clean and a durable addition to your garden throughout the seasons. Plus, storing them away and moving them around your home will be a breeze thanks to their lightweight, foldable construction.
Choose a colour - take your pick between six gorgeous colours that are currently only available at QVC. Blue, Jade or Terracotta is a great choice if you want to add a touch of colour to your space, while Pebble or Sage both offer contemporary, neutral tones. Or select Graphite for a timeless choice.
  • Both chairs will arrive in the same colour
  • Material (construction): aluminium
  • Clean with a damp cloth
  • Maximum user weight: 120kg
  • Chair (h x w x d): 111.5cm x 60cm x 65cm (43.8" x 23.6" x 25.5")
  • Seat (h x w x d): 44cm x 49.6cm x 43.3cm (17.3" x 19.5" x 17")
  • Chair legs (diameter): 4cm x 2.2cm (1.5" x 0.8")
  • 2 x folding recliner chairs
Colour options:
  • Blue
  • Graphite
  • Jade
  • Pebble
  • Sage
  • Terracotta
All measurements are approximate

I am watching the morning show right now. I have to say recently it is the gardening hours that appeal to me more than the rest. I also like Dale. What bothers me as a long time QVC member is the repetativeness of items. I realise, however, that there are new members joining all the time who are seeing some items for the first time. Also cutting some slack for the presenters, I realise they are employed by Q to sell. There are only a handful of presenters that I can stomach, for those I can’t I switch off or over. Which saves me money. Today’s SV is overpriced but would be no good to me anyway.
The off/on again twinkling lights would stop most people being able to relax in their gardens, I think. Solar lights have come a long way since they were just simple black plastic stakes pushed into the garden earth. QVC must be doing well selling the solar lit 'statuary'. Not to my taste the many renditions of buddah. Recently, they showed a laughing buddah. That wasn't a laughing matter, imo. Shockingly bad taste. But, of course, there's no accounting for taste.
Another thing that has come into my mind today, is the constant pre-lit decor. I realise you don’t have to light these items, but why so many?
yes you I agree but having looked apparently so long as he is sitting on the floor you can have a laughing Buddah, but I don’t bagree with that. The mist popular Buddah us the sitting one.

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