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Sep 24, 2008
hi, I have not bought coloured diamonds from gems before, so have been looking to buy blue diamonds but cheap enough to 'just see' what theyre like, ive got this in my orders, could anybody tell me what they think?

yes, its gents but it will fit me, i dont think its too manly.

it does seem cheap, but again im not sure if blue diamonds ar white and then just coloured?? (sorry for being thick)


with discount it comes to £81.40p, (plus shipping)
Hi Suzy

I saw your ring on the website earlier and noticed it had been sold. To answer your last question first, they will be treated diamonds, only rarely have Gems had untreated coloured diamonds and they have been expensive and set in 18k gold.

Having said that, the diamonds they use for colour treating are generally (in my experience) better than the usual white diamonds.....that we have seen so much of recently. In fact I have just looked at and returned a couple of coloured diamond
pieces in pink and yellow. Nothing wrong with them, they were very pretty....just would have preferred something a little bigger!
The diamonds although quite small , were clear and had plenty of fire and sparkle for their size. I did keep another piece with just yellow diamonds in and the sparkle factor in sunlight is superb!

I'm not sure that blue will give you the most fire but they will sparkle and these in your ring are not the smallest. Using your discount it is well worth will taking a look at and also there is plenty of goldweight in the ring, the design is very smart and contemporary.

But be warned once you start collecting coloured diamonds......its a slippery slope! mysmilie_1436
hi, yes i do like the yellows best of all i think, but rarely can find any affordable.
i get confused with coloured diamonds, are most that you see dyed (if thats the right word) white diamonds?, including those ud see in a jewelers shop?

you see it confuses me that a dye could make a white diamond more valuable?

or am i missing sumthing?

yes i got the blue diamond ring as it has fairly large stones, and good metal weight.

i like stones i can actually see lol..
What Sacha said...lol!!!

Those diamonds are a good size, you will definitely notice them. I love my BDs and wear them every day. You will generally find it's a sort of teal blue, a lovely colour.
If you're saving for a naturally coloured blue diamond I suggest you marry Bernie Ecclestone (he's now single... lol) as they do run into millions I believe, they are INCREDIBLY rare.
To add to your second post, yes most coloured diamonds are enhanced (heat treated or irradiated rather than dyed though). The process costs money, hence why the diamonds cost more afterwards than they did before! Unless you're looking at some seriously pricey jewellers you will find they are the same.
I think the only real exceptions are the browns (like the QVC Royal Cognac etc), they tend to be natural. In the past I believe they were just used industrially though, they have not been traditionally viewed as a gem quality stone. Some here love them regardless, I can't say they appeal to me.
What Sacha said...lol!!!

Those diamonds are a good size, you will definitely notice them. I love my BDs and wear them every day. You will generally find it's a sort of teal blue, a lovely colour.
If you're saving for a naturally coloured blue diamond I suggest you marry Bernie Ecclestone (he's now single... lol) as they do run into millions I believe, they are INCREDIBLY rare.

i think what im trying to say, badly is, like pink diamonds, are the most expensive i see on gems, but arent they coloured just as the blue and yellows are?

so is it the fact its pink the only reason theyre higher priced- just cos its pink and not blue or yellow, and cud say pink diamonds infact be the exact same quality as blue or yellow?
Hi Suzy, I believe that occasionally you will find natural pink diamonds on Gems, from memory they tend to be very tiny stones and very pale - and obviously expensive!
Again, most of their pink diamonds are treated - they will always make a big fuss and tell you if they're not.
To be honest, I've no idea why treated pinks are more expensive than treated blues/yellows, but they are. I always have it in my head that they're just more popular so they can charge more (that's me being a cynic!). I suppose the treatment might actually be more expensive though - I daresay someone who knows more than me will be along with facts rather than guesswork on this one!
Hi Suzyglam,

I can't contribute anything technical to your query, but I do have a ring with blue diamonds and I'm in love with the colour. I'm not a fan of diamonds otherwise except for the really special high value white ones which I'll never have, but I can look - lol.

Argey xx
Hi again Suzy

What Anne (PQ) said is correct about the treatments given to rather off colour / brown diamonds to produce fancy coloured diamonds. Here's a link for you......http://www.girodiam.com/en/fancy.asp which gives a brief explanation.

Many folks don't fancy irradiated gemstones and this may put them off buying treated coloured diamonds. Also many rather like the cognac, champagne colours which we think are more likely to be natural....and these can be very nice and don't cost a fortune.

The treatments for changing the colour will bump up the cost of these diamonds and I think market forces prevail.......there are less of them and so they will cost more! mysmilie_1456 And pink is a very popular colour and yet perhaps there are less of them available. I'm lucky enough to have one of an earlier batch when they were selling natural pinkies and it is lovely indeed.

I have to say that Gems seem to have an unending supply of the little blighters at the mo', indeed Angeline is showing a rather tasty YD bracelet on the telly right now!
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I have bought diamonds from bidz before, quite a few over the years they state the quality/colours, i have some g-h si/vsi diamond jewelry that were bought a snip! only thing now is the exchange rate isnt very good now.

also u pay duty on them when they get here. .. usually.

if u never looked at bidz, have a look, www.bidz.com

there are sum stunning pieces, just best to buy 14k or 18k gold though, ul find alot are fab value if u dont mind 10k gold.
Suzy - here's the info on treated diamonds.

You start with (typically) a brown diamond and then either irradiate or treat using HPHT - so imagine putting a diamond in an oven with other ingredients that penetrate into the diamond to give it a different colour. Nowadays both treatments are stable and won't fade, scratch off etc. Years ago, the treatments were less refined and weren't stable.

Coated diamonds are also swamping the market now. They look exactly like irradiated/HPTP and it's difficult to tell (don't buy anything off Ebay!). The coating is actually quite refined in that it coats the pavillion only but the colour shows through all of the diamond. You can't actually see the coating BUT if you buy one from a reputable dealer it comes with a list of instructions like don't get near water, don't scratch, don't put in an ultrasonic, don't do this, don't do that etc! Basically don't go near them! They're not made to last at the moment!

Back to Gems and their treated diamonds. I believe all of their coloured diamonds at the moment are irradiated/HPHT - not coated. If they sell natural coloured diamonds the price, as Sacha and Anne have said, is higher and they'll be set in 18k gold (normally). In the past they've sold natural yellows and pinks. They'll never sell natural blues or greens because even tiny tiny tiny ones cost the earth!!!

Treated diamonds tend to have an intensity that you don't often find in natural coloured diamonds so it's pretty easy to tell the difference once you've seen enough. The blue diamonds (like the ones you're considering) CAN be too dark. Make sure you get one with nice medium coloured blue diamonds. They don't really have "fire" like a traditional white diamond but they do flash colours.

In terms of clarity - GemsTV coloured diamonds do seem to have a fairly good quality in terms of clarity. You can buy some dreadful ones elsewhere but on the whole the ones from Gems are generally good.

Whoops forgot to add - brown diamonds are normally natural although can be irradiated. Black diamonds are usually irradiated too.
thankyou soo much for taking the time to write that for me, i do appreciate it, its very interesting.

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