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May 21, 2009
Was a bit disappointed with today thought it was a little lacklustre and was so looking forward to it.
Too many bead necklaces in not very original designs. They could have done so much with the beautiful stones.
What did anyone else think ??
I love mookite but was not convinced with the quality of the bracelet that matched the TSV
Lacklustre is the right word - unless you know about these things ie mookite, jasper etc etc, and despite paying many pounds, the look of what you're wearing to other people could easily have been bought cheaply in the High Street.

You're not going to say "oh this cost me £35" even though one similar in the fashion multiples might only be £5.99 !

Natural stones are not for me - and not something I would buy as gifts either.
You can buy similar items on ebay for a fraction of the price,but that probably applies to most of their overpriced tat.

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