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Who's been watching this show?? WOW!! Rock&Co have really raised their game tonight......some amazing pieces, especially that stunning Aqua & Diamond ring :WUB: that sold for £3499...lucky lucky lady whoever got that. :pPC:
Sue walk away from the tv,do it now,go to the kitchen get the scissors and cut those little plastic cards up,good girl you know it makes sense :D
Snoops you are not wrong!! I need some self control matey. :YIKES: Can you take me in hand?? :D :pPC:
You just indulge Sue!

Gotta say that they've had some of the nicest, well cut, saturated Tanzanite that I've seen in a VERY long time. Yummy yummy! Dribble fest!
Absolutely diddly squat Sue! Sorely tempted by a few pieces but hubby restrained me which proved to be more fun! :1:
Novice. ;) I use the hard core type.
:D :pPC:
After extracating yourselves from your shackles, did anyone notice what the humungous PT went for? Unfortunately I was unable to watch last night (no restraints involved alas).
No I didn't see it auctioned either Jacqualina. I thought it was vulgar anyway. :pPC:
They didn't sell it they just showed it a few times and said it would be coming up over the weekend at some point. who wants a 100ct polo?
Novice. ;) I use the hard core type.
:D :pPC:

Did I say that I would be wearing them though? :54: :32:

Got to agree with you all - that pendant (or housebrick as I'd prefer to refer to it) is just toooooooooooo big. I can't see me going round Sainsbury's with that on! Where on earth would you wear it????? (No comments from Sue!!!!)

I wonder if it'll be for sale tonight?

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