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Well, after listening to you all raving about marcasite, I finally took the plunge and grabbed a ring and some earrings over the weekend.

:wow: :wow: :wow: Now I finally know what you've all been raving about!!!

It is just breathtakingly gorgeous, and I am bruised from kicking myself for not getting a necklace and bracelet before the prices started going up

Excuse the lousy pictures, but today's delivery is just fabulous.

Three money clips, amethyst, topaz and citrine. One pair of greek key aquamarine cufflinks, one mabe pearl ring, one marcasite ring, one pair marcasite earrings, one turquoise necklace and my replacement peacock 'bubbles' neckace.

Photo of earrings is awful, but will give perspective of size. I like them because they are not too big, but I know some of you prefer the larger danglies!!!

One very happy bunny:59:


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Verrrrry nice, the earrings and the rings looks lovely on. Although I prefer the poil myself :lol1:.

Psssst, no piccie of your win?
Wow M4G - I am pleased you love the marcasite ring - I love mine and wear it a lot!. I think those earrings will be lost in my hair so thanks for posting a picture.

I received my first money clip today and love it - Are youy keeping all three or giving away as presents!

You have to have the swirly pendant it is stunning!!!!!!!
All three money clips are pressies, brother, brat and newphew's 21st. The cufflinks are really expensive looking, and although the aquamarines are pale, my brother's not particularly flamboyant so should love them.

The mabe pearl ring is much bigger than I was expecting and lovely, and the marcasite ring is so comfortable. I know I keep saying this, but none of these things were ever my style - but they are now.

I've have GOT to get me the swirly marcasite pendant, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!


A lovely haul M4G and I'm so glad you love Marcasite. I have the earrings and the swirly pendant, but haven't worn either of them yet. The Marcasite and Garnet pendant (GH385) coming up in the 9pm hour is worth a look. I wear it on a Singapore style chain from Rocks which was £3 and got a black organza ribbon for the swirl pendant.
Fab haul you have there,mad:1:

So glad you are loving the marcasite,that ring is a bobby dazzler....have a few myself but not that one.

Delighted you are thrilled with today's delivery Lady Mad and that the Marcasite has exceeded your expectations.
Is it a case of 'move over Rainbow Sapphire.......move in Marcasite'! :mysmilie_738.gif:

No? Thought not. :D But am I still sensing a slippery slope here? :mysmilie_797.gif:
My rainbows will always be my first love, but they are for special wear, all my rocks things are great everyday pieces.

i just got my first piece of marcasite i dont think it will be my last lol
It looks grey on the piccys but its sparkly which you have to see for yourself like you i didnt know why peeps were raving about it either i do now
Mrs Mad, those money clips are the bees knees, are you gonna put cash in them before you give them?

am not keen on the pearl ring (sorry chick) its too big but it looks nice on you, wouldn't on me mind.
Am liking the earrings very much though :D
Nice to find another marcasite convert, their pieces are fantastic. Hope there will be some new designs soon, as we are all becoming addicts lol - I particularly like the big necklaces I must admit. Would love one with garnet....
Love the ring in particular, another one I wish I could wear. The marc earrings are a lot smaller than I thought from their pic - in some ways that's probably a good thing, I imagined they'd be very heavy, but obviously not.
I've tried for that pearl ring a couple of times, but so far no luck!
Love the money clips too, I think they'll be great gifts.
Enjoy your bling, and I hope you get the pendant soon!
Don't worry Darls, there are lots of things that I love on other people, but know wouldn't suit me.

My Mum has asked to buy the citrine money clip from me, and the amethyst one for Brat is just a little pressie, (we've done far too much for him anyway!!).

I'm really pleased with the mabe pearl ring, it's big, but goes well with all my other Rocks pearlies.

Thanks to the fabulous Gemlover (Bargainhunter),I now have the gorgeous swirly marcasite pendant, and it's everything and more that I was hoping for.

I just can't get over how fabulous marcasite it, I bought a 20"~ silver chain to go with it, and yet again, can only marvel at the quality and weight of the chains and all for a ridiculous £3.

I can feel a bracelet coming on!!

Lovey pendant M4G. I have one marcasite ring. I'd originally bought it for a present, but liked it so much, I decided to keep it and I used to only wear yellow gold!
Does anybody know when the new goodies will be arriving at Rocks? Haven't been around lately, so may have missed some important announcements.

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