I'm in Love!!!!!


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales

with what?


with my OH?









gorgeous ring!!!!!


Rubellite Rose gold Ring

I have taken many pictures to try and show the gorgeous colour from the Rubellite, most didn't focus properly, so first pic is in focus and have included the second picture even though its not infocus, because it shows the wonderful colour from this. Its my first piece of Rubellite and also my first piece of rose gold. Always thought I didn't like rose gold, but I have changed my mind now!

Oh yeah, thanks to OH for the lovely pics, so many pieces, its taken us ages to photograph them!

Right back to the rest of the haul, first the ones gone back...

Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Although I like it, it felt tight and so I knew I wouldn't wear it so back it went.

Pearl Neckalce

Just too short, I mean really short, more like childs size, not even an extender could save this. Shame as its so lovely

Blue Pearl Necklace

Another shame as I love the colour, just too short, even with the extender.

White Quartz Pendant

Pretty, but doubt I would wear it, so sent it back.

Right now its the keepers................

Haematite and Pearl Necklace

Such a sucker for hearts! It feels cold when first put on and the hearts do tend to turn around, but its so lovely!

Pearl and Silver Neckalce

This is so pretty and delicate I just love it! Nothing else to say really.

Red Labradorite White gold ring

I thought this was such a bargain at the time that it just fell into my basket. I have RL earrings so thought this would go great with them and it does. A real bargain at £26

Bronze Pearl Set

Well, since Rocks you all know I love pearls and I just could not leave these for £12!! A whole set for 12 quid......:51:

Mocha Pear and Smoky Quartz Necklace

I wasn't sure about these when I bought them, again went to a bargain price so had to have them and have a look. Well they are so much nicer in real life, so I am keeping :18:

Abalone Silver Bangle

I thought this was stunning right from the moment I first saw it on colouredrocks website. It is a little tighter than I had hoped, but I love it so much and have worn it out already, although once when putting trousers on, the clasp popped open! But I think I have solved that, I gently stretched the bangle so when you do the clasp up it will be tighter. Hope it works.

Pearl Silver Pendant

Again another request of mine. Very simple and nice. Also on new pink organza ribbon (I think I have them in most colours now)

Lemon Quartz silver Pendant

I adore this, it was an impulse buy at an amazing price. So glad I did, have hardly taken it off since I got it. £12 Nice size too

Agate Earrings

I was unsure about these when I got them. I only put them in because of the bargain price. Thought I would be sending them back to be honest. But when I saw them, they were so much nicer, I thought they would be big, but they arent at all. really comfy too.

Green Amethyst bracelet

I have wanted this for a while but it always went for too much. Finally got it and adore it, wore it all weekend. I even love it so much, I have the lemon quartz version in my basket lol :8:

Pearl and Silver bracelet

This is so pretty, I love the star in it too

Purple Pearl bracelet

I love this so much, the colour is lovely. I wear alot of purple anyway so I will wear it alot.

Flourite Heart Bracelet

Well its hearts, what more can I say?

Citrine Bracelet

So pretty and comfy. Nice summery colour too.

Flourite Bracelet

Colours are so pretty, does have some chips on the stones though. I know its last of stock so I am keeping, still lovely.

Pink (in my opinion Peach) and Shell Necklace

Lovely colours and love any pearls :8:

Well thats it! Sorry it took so long, I know I promised pics last week, but we had Nephews over for the night on thurs and then we were away for the weekend. Hope you like them!
Well VG - I reckon we can see that it would've taken a while to photograph and upload that lot in any event. Smashing collection there, I'll bet you are well pleased with yourself <a href="http://plugin.smileycentral.com/http%253A%252F%252Fwww.smileycentral.com%252F%253Fpartner%253DZSzeb008%255FZNxpt484YYGB%2526i%253D15%252F15%255F3%255F34%2526feat%253Dprof/page.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/15/15_3_34.gif" alt="SmileyCentral.com" border="0"><img border="0" src="http://plugin.smileycentral.com/http%253A%252F%252Fimgfarm%252Ecom%252Fimages%252Fnocache%252Ftr%252Ffw%252Fsmiley%252Fsocial%252Egif%253Fi%253D15%252F15_3_34%2526uiv%253D3.0/image.gif"></a>

Argey xx
You have treated yourself. I too love rose gold and it does go well with pale skin.Glad you are happy with your bling and what a great partner you have to do your photos for you.
Wow, that's what I call a haul and a half!!

I have the delicate silver and pearl necklace..it's really pretty isn't it?

I have also been considering getting the silver necklace with the 6 pearls, the tiger's eye bracelet, the rubellite ring and the green amethyst bracelet!!

Enjoying wearing all your keepers. :1:
Wow vg love them all. I have most of the old design but the new ones would have easily fallen into my basket too! what can I say we do have great taste in jewellery.

Wear all in good health xx
Way to go V-G!! What a great collection. I've had my eye on the smokey quartz and mocha pearl necklace on the screen and now I see how nice it is, I may well go for it.

For me the other stars are the flourite bracelet, the lemon quartz pendant and the agate earrings.
What a fabulous collection VG, you have been busy. Am waiting for the blue pearls to be delivered, so disappointed to hear they are so short. Love the rubellite, what a gorgous stone it is.
valleygirl what a beautiful rubilite ring glad you love it so much i have several pieces the same as you, I to like the pearls I really like the bronze set havent seen those auctioned before.
the pearls necklace thats short with the drop pearls is similar to KE484 on c/r the picture on the web is awful but irl its lovely and quite a good length might be worth a look,all the rest are lovely and often better when you can see them in the flesh enjoy your haul and good piccys by the way
Hey guys

Didn't want to start a new thread, but I was wondering if there are any colouredrocks discount codes? I remember getting an email a while ago but have deleted it!! But now i have something in my basket from CR website. Hope someone can help.


Hey guys

Didn't want to start a new thread, but I was wondering if there are any colouredrocks discount codes? I remember getting an email a while ago but have deleted it!! But now i have something in my basket from CR website. Hope someone can help.



Hiya Valleygirl, the last code I received was springc it's valid until 2nd May
Hope this helps
I thought you had to checkout CR stuff within 2 hours or it gets removed from your basket ??
I think that tends to happen when they are getting low on stock of a particular item. I have put stuff in my basket and it has been removed after a couple of hours. I have also had stuff stay in the basket for a couple of days.

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