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Jun 24, 2008
Received my latest delivery from Rockstv this morning and it's a bit of a mixed bunch. Haven't posted photos of everything because it came to far more than five items.
Had the tiger's eye bead necklace (photo below) which is lovely and a keeper as well as a mabe pearl ring (WA820) which is very pretty and I'll squirrel away for a future present. Also had the yellow gold multi-gem pendant (photo below) which I'm very pleased with too. Also a mixed pearl necklace (UE456),some dangly peacock pearl earrings (WL037)and some carnelian danglies (YA944) at £6, £5 and £4 respectively and great stocking fillers for daughters, great value.
Now for the less good bits. I had a 9k yellow gold tanzanite ring (GV041-also photo below) and pendant (ZV127) and an opal ring (also below-JD151) which are all virtually colourless. The photo of the ring flatters it enormously because irl it's really wishywashy as is the pendant and I'd defy anyone to find a speck of colour in the opal. Also the sizing of the rings is all over the place as you can see from my trusty Tippex plinth.
Finally, the aquamarine earrings are both double bagged and completely invisible as you can see from the photo, so they'll have to go back. Not much point in sending earrings for inspection if you can't see them - rather disappointing.
So all in all a bit of a mixed bag, but I'm very pleased with my keepers.


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Thanks for posting the pics jacqualina. :biggrin

I love the pendant (that would be my choice out of your purchases) and have had my finger hovering over the buy button a number of times!

Don't buy many rings, because of re-sizing (have very slim fingers) but have noticed in the few I have bought the sizing does seem to vary quite a lot. Got my £1 ring at the beginning of the week and that actually fits me reasonably well (it will do anyway) and I am between a J and K - I bought an opal ring as well (different one to yours - pear cut in white gold) and that's enormous!

Shame about your returns Jacqualina, but you're right to send them back. Tanzanite seems to be so hit and miss in different pieces. And I think we all have the same opinion of over packaged earrings! :11:

The first two pics are lovely though, the TE necklace looks very nice on you and I really really like the multi -gem pendant, it has a pretty mix of colours and a very nicely designed drop. I like.
Thanks Jacqualina for posting the pics, I took some of my last order but have been too lazy to post them ....:mysmilie_738.gif:
I like the pendant very much
as i dont wear earrings I've never bought any but as you say no point if you cant see them properly through the plastic
I always send back things i'm not sure about because i know they will sit in the box and not get worn and the money can go towards something i really like
Love the keepers. I have the tigers eye necklace and wear it a lot! I was was lucky to get the other TE necklace which is just as stunning.

Enjoy wearing them.
Ooooooo I love the multi gem pendant

I've had issues with earring packaging. Like an idiot I thought/hoped that I could get rid of one layer and still have them 'sealed' but I was wrong. & yes I then find a fault on em after opening them :cry:
Yes I find the earring double packing very annoying, how can one judge them without seeing them in daylight, I always send them back when they come like that.
I had an opal ring that was pretty colourless, that went back, also an emerald ring which was scratched and pale in colour.
I know rocks prices are good but sometimes the quality is lacking somewhat.
Can carp colour/mismatched stones also be classed as faulty with RocksTV Pepsi?? This is usually my main whinge as I have already liked the design enough to order earrings but often the stones are a let down when you get to see them irl, and you have to take them out of the plastic to judge them properly. I have sent earrings back to other channels for this reason and it has never been queried. :pPC:
To me they are faulty when they are mismatched. I had one pair that were so badly mismatched that I could tell through the plastic - although you could clearly tell that the plastic had been manhandled by me (making it ladyhandled lol) in order to do so. I got my refund without any query........

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