omg I am in love!


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Jun 25, 2008
south coast of the uk
wow wow wow my smokey quartz hedgehog arrived!!!!! I had no idea smokey quartz would be so sparkly! I am in love with it!!!!

the pic dosnt show how much lustre comes off these gems! thig ring has a lovely weight to it and is really well made! Im not surprised other bling lovers have the whole family! I bet its just beautifull in the garnet! I recommend this design to everyone !
Lovely cherrypicker. It's great to see such enthusiasm from a member too. I get the impression you like it. :)
Hey CP,

So glad that you love your first hedgie!:1:

I only have a hedgelet in the garnet but it is fab too.......your SQ looks fantastic,a lot of gems and a fantastic design for very little money.

Gorgeous aren't they? I have the smokey quartz, peridot and amethyst "big hedgies" and citrine, smokey quartz, garnet and amethyst in the "baby hedgies"! Yes i know, i'm an addict! :54:
Cherrypicker, so glad you like your hedgie, it looks great!! I've had a thought....if in the future any hedgehogs get a loose stone, etc perhaps Rocks will set up a 'hedgehog hospital' :1:
So glad to hear hedgie exceeded your expectations. I hope you get lots of pleasure from him over the years - are you planning any brothers and sisters?

i am putting them on my xmas list from hubs.... the white topaz and the peridot for sure!!!! :) but any hedgies will be greatfully recieved! :1:
It's lovely Cherry, Smokey quartz is a very underrated stone IMHO.

I have a baby hedgelet

:1:Cherrypicker so glad you like your hedgehog S Q ring it looks fab on you!

I have a baby hedgelet in the garnet same one as sweetpea...
I only have small hands so I go for the little ones!

Enjoy collecting the rest of them!

Mirabelle xx:40:

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