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Jun 24, 2008
In cream tea country of North Devon
hi gang!

here's what arrived today, no.1 package of a series of 3.

rose de france amethyst ring £15 - beautiful and sparkly. it's clear as a bell as you can see. however on reflection, not for me as am put off by seeing the metal setting thru the stone. while I'd love to keep the gemstone, it would be a waste of good metal and I can get a loose rose de france from ebay, so the ring's going home.



white topaz flowercut pendant £9 - again sparkly and clear and I was going to keep it for the stone alone. looking at it more closely I've decided I'm not keen on this particular cut so it's going home as well.


peridot & russet pearl pendant £11 - a real bargain. love love love this one, but having seen it for size and how it sits on me, sadly the pendant is not for me.


smokey quartz pendant £6 - glorious colour stones, wonderful setting. stones look purple from certain angles which is intriguing but not surprising. design reminds me of an astronomy model. I can't figure out how to change the chain just yet for a longer one so I can wear it, but for £6 am not letting it go now that the clear quartz is going home! am almost minded to hang it over my bed like a planetary dreamcatcher!


NB: if anyone would like to buy any items from me which I'm not keeping, please let me know before Saturday.
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Hi Sammi. What a shame most of the haul is going back! You are doing the right thing if its not for you send it back. If you are going to send the smoky quartz pendant let me know xx
What a shame Sam, they all look lovely but if they're not right then send them back. I hate it when most of a delivery doesn't suit, I feel really guilty sending things back, never did with Gems! :6:
D'you know they are all items that I would have chosen (and did, the flower pendant) but they're not quite right, shame. I do like the mini-planetarium!

Hope you have better luck with the next delivery
Shame about the disappointments but you're right to be ruthless, Sammi. I think most of us have been guilty in the past of keeping pieces from other places ;) that we really should've returned. Well .... I know I have! :eek:

Hope you're happier with your next 2 deliveries.
:) I have sent back a couple of the more expensive pieces i've not been happy with
but i have also kept a couple of cheaper things to pop in a present drawer but only if i have someone in mind to give it to .you cant afford to keep stuff you know you'll not wear and someone else will buy them and love them,so use the money back garantee thats what it's there for and dont feel guilty cause you can replace those things with other things you will love and wear
not exactly a let-down as it is all quite lovely. I cannot fault anything in itself, it's just not right for me. I have lots to look forward to and again, tough decisions lol.

my second parcel hadnt arrived by the time I left work at lunchtime so hopefully it will be waiting for me tomorrow.

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