Oh dear Claire !!


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Jun 24, 2008
Just something I've noticed these last few days, that the guests aren't able to talk about their products.
Saturday Andrew from Gatineau had to keep stopping her to ask the beauty therapist to talk about the skincare.
I don't think the producers like guests or presenters directing from the floor, but Andrew had to do it numerous times.
Now just with Charlie Lapson, he had to keep talking over Claire to explain about his bags.
In fact at one point he had to try really hard to point out that the bag they were showing, was a lot smaller than his usual ones, which was far more important than what Claire was going on about.
When he reached for a print swatch to show a bag with florals, she ignored him speaking about inside.
So he then had to forgo what he was about to demo and just managed to briefly talk about the inside.


She definately has been extra gushy of late but by no means the only presenter guilty of this. Need I mention J. Franks? Noooo.
The difference is I rather like Claire and her 'Listen with Mother' voice whereas Jill only has to open her mouth and my fingers on the mute button.
I agree, Claire is just too sickly sweet.

Had to laugh the other day. Leighton Denny was on with AY and as she introduced him she held his glass trophy up to her face and made a comment about it hiding her face. He quipped that she could also do a favour by turning down the volume! I suppose it must be twenty times worse if you are sitting right beside her in the studio!!


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