Ofcom to allow shopping telly on PSB Channels


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<a href="http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/rada08/statement/" target="_blank">Ofcom</a> has announced that ITV, Channel 4 and Five will now be able to broadcast shopping telly.<br /><br />"Against the background of falling advertising revenues, Ofcom has made changes to allow broadcasters to generate additional revenues from teleshopping," the media regulator announced today.<br /><br />Last October, Ofcom indicated that it was planning such a move on the basis that the impact of allowing it on the public service channels "would be modest".<br /><br />Under the new rules, teleshopping will be permitted between midnight and 6am on public service channels, and a rule limiting teleshopping to three hours per day on other channels will be "relaxed".<br /><br />

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